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Disease Model
Of Addiction

How are Drug and Alcohol Addictions Like a Disease?

To those who have no first-hand experience, it’s easy to see addiction as a point of weakness. After all, how hard is it to just put down the bottle, stop using drugs, or stop eating so much?

In reality, the answer is more complex. Addiction isn’t a simple personality flaw as many people believe it to be. Rather, substance use disorder is an illness that requires professional assistance to treat. Those suffering from addiction are unlikely to change without guidance and medical intervention, just as with any other disease.

Like many conditions, including diabetes and heart disease, addiction is caused by a blend of behavioral, environmental, and biological factors. Addictive personalities even run in families, whether through nature or nurture, predisposing many individuals to struggles with addiction. Those suffering with addiction often have little control over their behavior, compulsively seeking out pleasurable activities regardless of any harmful consequences.

Addiction is a lifelong condition that cannot be cured, only controlled. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, it’s important to fully understand the disease of addiction. Once you understand substance use disorder, you can learn more about how to find the right treatment for yourself.

Understanding addiction as a disease is the first step to taking back control of your life.