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Finding a Common Ground on Save Lives & Heal Families

As a treatment center offering effective treatment, we know what it is like out there. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ineffective. As a like-minded and quality recovery center, we understand how important this type of treatment is to those struggling with substances like Heroin, Alcohol, Prescription Pain Medication, or Meth; their addiction has enslaved them and they turn to us for guidance on how to get back to a life that did not revolve around drugs and alcohol.

We have watched people fight that battle every day and then try to stay clean and sober. Being an ethical and quality treatment center, we recognize that we can help anyone that is serious and truly wants to get clean and begin living a sober life.

We want to work together with you in achieving our vision; Saving lives and healing families. Those who work in this industry of drug and alcohol recovery services know that you must have ambition to help, patience, and genuine care for those who are struggling with active addiction.

As drug and alcohol treatment facilities, we have the knowledge, tools, and dedication to share with families and struggling addicts what life is like sober. So, let’s do it together, the right way, the ethical way, the way that puts the patient first.

If you feel the way we do, then let’s work together. Fill out this contact form today.

About ABTRS: The Foundation of Quality Treatment Services Begin with Heart

Everyone at ABTRS has a story of why they do what they do. We are sure you have noticed, but those who work in this industry have a story where addiction has touched their lives in some way.

There are many that have a rough past, and walk the path of recovery themselves. Some may have lost a family member to their disease, grew up with alcohol and substances abuse influencing them from a young age, or maybe they see a place their knowledge and skills can make a difference in someone’s life; whatever the story, their passion contributes to ABTRS’s vision and mission.

ABTRS was established with a desire to help those who suffer with a drug and Alcohol addiction. We provide individualized treatment offering inpatient/residential care, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient services.

Our Vision of Saving Lives & Healing Families May Not Be That Different From Yours

ABTRS works hard to be recognized as the leading authority in substance abuse treatment.

We must be responsible for providing individuals in active addiction with a safe and comfortable environment to recover, and effective evidence based treatment methods.

We take pride in staffing employees that genuinely care and have patience and experience with those who are early in their recovery.

To be the leading authority you must have ambition and knowledge, and surround yourselves with like-minded people, companies, and hard working professionals who have a similar vision.

The only way we know we are the leaders of the industry is by setting the standard for what quality care is for substance abuse treatment.

To be the company that considers scientific advancements that benefit our patients and provides continued long-term support in their journey.

To set the bar high for quality treatment we seek out qualified staff that sets a good example for the sober lifestyle and encourages personal growth development.

They can be house managers with patience, passion, and tenderheartedness or masters level therapists that practice patient focused care, but no matter what, they must believe in our mission.

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