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How we work together with legal professionals to help our clients.

Are you a lawyer or legal professional with a client that could benefit from substance abuse treatment? A Better Today understands that legal trouble and criminal charges are often a direct result of a drug and Alcohol addiction. We understand that many of our clients have legal obligations to fulfill and we want to work with you, their legal professional, to make sure that happens.

We understand your role in ensuring your client appears in court, and if in a substance abuse treatment program, open lines of communication are a must for all parties involved. We can work closely with the courts to ensure fulfillment of alternative sentencing. We have worked directly with the courts, probation offices and parole offices before.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are getting the substance abuse treatment they need so they can be at their best and face their legal troubles with dignity. Without effective individualized substance abuse treatment, these legal problems can continue to worsen.

We feel that it’s important to give individuals a chance to get the substance abuse treatment they need as well as support in handling the legal troubles they have had a result. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

If you feel the way we feel, let’s work together. Fill out this contact form today.

About ABT: Everyone at ABT Has a Story

A Better Today was founded in 2009 with a passion to provide quality treatment that would work for a lifetime. Why? Because it worked for the founders of A Better Today.

ABT was established with a sincere desire to help those who suffer from drug and Alcohol addiction. We provide individualized treatment offering residential care, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services.

Knowing first-hand what it takes to do it right, the founders’ passion and drive became the foundation for their vision. They knew what was out there already and were inspired to do better. ABT aspires to lead the recovery industry in a client-focused ethical direction, because we are talking about someone’s life— someone’s son or daughter, or husband or wife.

Our Vision of Saving Lives & Healing Families

ABT works hard to be recognized as the leading authority in substance abuse treatment. We must be responsible in providing our clients with a safe and comfortable environment with evidence-based treatment methods that are effective. This means that staffing employees that genuinely care is part of their qualifications.

To be the leading authority you must have knowledge, ambition and surround yourselves with like-minded people, companies and hard-working professionals who have a similar vision.

The only way we know we are the leaders of the industry is by setting the standard for what quality care actually is for drug and Alcohol recovery services.

To be the company that considers scientific advancements that benefit our clients and continued long-term support in their journey.

To seek out qualified staff that contributes to our clients’ quality of treatment and encourages personal growth.

They may look like house managers with patience, passion and tenderheartedness or masters level therapist that practice client focused care, but above all else, they must believe in our mission to work here.

What You as an Legal Professional can Accomplish with Us

  • Ensure that your clients legal obligations are fulfilled, such as stipulations of alternative sentencing.
  • Have qualified substance abuse treatment professionals working with you in either pre-sentencing or post-sentencing situations.
  • Have confidence that even if your client is in treatment, we can transport them to appear in court.
  • Know that your client is in a treatment center that has open communication with you as their legal professional, as well as probation officers, parole officers and courts.

What We can do for Those Struggling in Active Addiction

  • An individualized treatment plan that takes into consideration legal obligations and ensures that they fulfill all obligations.
  • Begin working with our clients on their substance use disorder to get them to a healthier place where they can face the court systems.
  • Allow our clients contact with their legal professional.
  • Collaborative aftercare building to encourage long lasting recovery.
  • Allow legal visit as well as probation and parole check-ins during their treatment here at A Better Today.

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