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Referral Partner Relationships:
Clinical Professionals

Coming Together to Save Lives & Heal Families

As a clinical professional, we understand that the most important thing to you is quality care for your patients. When a patient opens up to you about their substance abuse problem and admits that they need help, you can feel confident with having us as an option.

We understand how mental health disorders and substance use disorders can co-exist. We specialize in co-occurring disorders and understand that both mental health and substance disorders need to be addressed and treated together. We understand that those with co-occurring mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression have an increased risk of substance abuse.

A Better Today Recovery Services has 45, 60, 90, 105, and 120 substance use treatment programs. We can be that extra level of specialized addiction treatment for your patient. We would love to work closely with you to develop an appropriate and individualized treatment plan for your patient. We ensure a smooth transition for your patient back to you for continued care. Contact us today to begin a referral partner relationship or to learn more.

If you feel the way we feel, let’s work together. Fill out this contact form today.

About ABTRS: Everyone at ABT Has a Story

A Better Today Recovery Services was founded in 2009 with a passion to provide quality treatment that would work for a lifetime. Why? Because it worked for the founders of A Better Today Recovery Services.

ABTRS was established with a sincere desire to help those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. We provide individualized treatment offering residential care, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services.

Knowing first-hand what it takes to do it right, their passion and drive became the foundation for their vision. They knew what was out there already and was inspired to do better. ABTRS aspires to lead the recovery industry in a patient-focused ethical direction because we are talking about someone’s life, someone’s son or daughter, someones husband or wife.

Our Vision of Saving Lives & Healing Families

ABTRS works hard to be recognized as the leading authority in substance abuse treatment. We must be responsible in providing our patients with a safe and comfortable environment and evidence-based treatment methods that are effective. This means that staffing employees that genuinely care.

To be the leading authority you must have knowledge, ambition, and surround yourselves with like-minded people, companies, and hard-working professionals who have a similar vision.

To ensure we are the leaders of the industry is we set the standard for what quality care actually is for drug and alcohol recovery services.

To be the company that considers scientific advancements that benefit our clients and continued long-term support in their journey.

To seek out qualified staff that contributes to our clients’ quality of treatment and encourages personal growth.

They may look like house managers with patience, passion, and tenderheartedness or masters level therapist that practice patient-focused care; but above all else, they must believe in our mission.

What You as an Clinical Professional can Accomplish with Us

  • Have a working relationship with us to provide the extra level substance abuse treatment to your patients when needed.
  • You will be able to work with us directly to develop a treatment plan that works for your patients needs.
  • Always have an option for your patients who are asking for help.
  • Guarantee that your patient has a smooth transition back into your care.

What we can do for Those Struggling in Active Addiction

  • Qualified staff that are experienced with recovering addict behavioral addictions
  • Individualized treatment options and effective treatment practices that focus on progress instead of time spent in treatment.
  • Technologically advanced medication in substance abuse treatment.
  • Collaborative aftercare building to encourage long lasting recovery.

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