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What to Expect During A Loved One’s Treatment?


When your loved one comes into treatment, you may have many mixed emotions. The truth is that you may feel relieved because you may have begged, cried and argued with your loved one to get him or her into treatment for a long time. It is important to know that there may be some inner struggles for your loved one to overcome once he or she arrives in treatment. The first couple of weeks may be difficult as feelings and emotions that you loved one has numbed and buried through substance abuse, will start to come to the surface.

Intense cravings and post-acute withdrawal syndrome can also happen within the first few weeks usually within 7-10 days of the last use. During this time, he or she may call you wanting to leave treatment. Your loved one may also complain about treatment or say that he or she doesn’t need to be in treatment any longer. If your loved one can push through, and give themselves a chance, he or she may be more willing and open to staying the course and working the program. It’s truly a process of surrender, but it can take time. The first few weeks are always the hardest.


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Slipping into a Routine After the Initial Adjustment

Once loved ones get passed the initial adjustment, they have the opportunity to develop a teachable attitude and dedicate themselves to their recovery. From the start, they will be immersed in a substance abuse treatment environment, attending individual, group and family therapy.

Emotions will run high at times, as they dig deep and take a look at their lives and behaviors, giving them a chance for healing and learning a better way. It’s an introspective time as well as a time to share and relate with others who have been through similar experiences.

Each individual has a unique history, and we will be by his or her side as they take an honest look at the past, present and begin to cultivate the knowledge, tools and hope for a drug and alcohol-free future.

Our master-level therapists and counselors will also assess your loved one and develop an individualized treatment plan as well as determine the length of stay in treatment needed to give your loved one the best possible chance at overcoming substance abuse addiction.

Preparing for a Solid Aftercare Plan


Our clients graduate A Better Today with an aftercare plan that will help to ensure they will continue to remain drug and alcohol-free. For some, we may recommend a sober-living environment for a few months upon completion of our program and some may participate in outpatient treatment to increase their chances of success in the abstinence of alcohol and drugs.

We make sure to plant as many seeds in every opportunity possible in our clients and it’s our goal to see them through to graduation day. You can be assured that they will receive help and guidance to overcome any challenges or obstacles that may arise during their time in treatment.

Hopefully, it will be a time of learning, reflection, self-discovery, gaining new tools to reduce the risk of relapse and give them the best chance at long-lasting recovery from substance abuse.


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