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Health Problems
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Substance Abuse & Addiction

What are Common Health Problems Linked to Substance Abuse & Addiction?

Health Risks Associated with Substance Abuse Disorders

The disease of addiction is known to perpetrate devastating health consequences. Mood and mind-altering substances have an enormous impact on the mind, body and spirit. Different modes of ingestion can lead to different health consequences.

Smoking substances is known to damage lung tissues. Chronic smoking or inhalation of many different substances can lead to lung disease and cancer.

Cardiovascular disease is also a health problem linked to addiction. Different substances put strain on the arteries and heart such that an individual may develop problems with pumping blood properly.

More Health Risks Correlated to Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Mental illness is strongly correlated with substance abuse. The chronic overstimulation and toxic exposure from chemicals can easily lead to the development of a mental illness.

Substances can cause brain damage, lesions, strokes and other serious health problems, all of which can come with the development of mood disorders, anxiety, delusions, paranoia, and many other potential problems.

Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis are also common problems for those sharing needles. Intravenous drug users who share rigs are exposed to whatever communicable diseases the other needle users have. This could translate into serious health problems or chronic, even life-threatening conditions such as AIDS.

In addition to chronic health problems as a result of substance abuse, sudden death also plagues those in active drug and alcohol abuse. Learn more about the health risks associated with substance abuse addictions and how to address them in your sobriety.

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