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 What should you look for in treatment?

Finding the right fit can be difficult, click here to see some of the guidelines of what to look for. Naturally, there are going to be a lot of questions about how to know what facility is right for you, especially for those who are seeking treatment for the first time. It can seem like an intimidating or foreign concept for a lot of people, but we are here to help.

 Why Travel for Treatment?

There are many benefits to traveling for treatment and ABTRS can help with your arrangements. One of the more obvious benefits of traveling out-of-state for treatment is that it effectively cuts the addict off from the dealers, old habits, neighborhoods, and family members who enabled his or her use.

Scottsdale Location

ABTRS Scottsdale location focus on providing an environment that is luxurious and relaxing. Your safety and comfort during your recovery becomes our main objective because we know how hard it is during those first weeks of treatment. Check out everything Scottsdale, AZ has to offer you while you focus on your future.
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Phoenix Location

During your recovery, having some peace and quiet to plan for your future and reflect on your steps is important ABTRS Phoenix location concentrate on a secluded and comfortable recovery that reminds you of home without the temptations that could come with being home. Check out ABTRS Phoenix, AZ location today.
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A Better Today Recovery Service’s Substance Abuse Treatment Effectiveness Study  2017

The quality of A Better Today Recovery Service’s care is very important to us, so we conducted a study that surveyed 128 graduated clients about the quality of our care, their current quality of life, sobriety, and any relapse behaviors. A Better Today Recovery Service aspires to provide quality care to every client that is effective and long-lasting. The data is hot off the presses.

 Medically Supervised Withdrawals & Advanced Substance Abuse  Treatment Medication

Utilizing medications that block the effects of opiate-based drugs represses thoughts of relapse which effectively increases the success rate of remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol. These medications come in all different forms ranging from thin strips you put under your tongue to implants that fit nicely in your arm.

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