Sierra Tucson

Implementing the groundbreaking therapeutic approach known as The Sierra Model, Sierra Tucson has earned recognition as one of the premier medical facilities in the area, as acknowledged by U.S. News.

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About Sierra Tucson

Nestled within the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains across a sprawling 160-acre expanse, Sierra Tucson’s serene campus stands as a haven for those embarking on their journey towards healing and a hopeful future. For over three decades, Sierra Tucson has been at the forefront of the behavioral health care landscape, pioneering innovative approaches to nurture the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of individuals and their families.

Time-Tested Treatment Philosophy

At the heart of Sierra Tucson’s methodology lies a holistic, bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach, finely orchestrated by a diverse team of experts. Drawing from both Western and Eastern medical practices, harmoniously intertwined with the wisdom of the 12-Step philosophy, an array of therapies is meticulously woven together to unveil and resolve underlying concerns. The comprehensive four-day Family Program, a hallmark of Sierra Tucson, extends the healing process to encompass the entire family unit, fostering enduring recovery.

Fusion of Expertise

Harnessing the power of neuroscience and integrative therapies, Sierra Tucson’s integrative neuropsychiatric approach celebrates the remarkable resilience within each individual. This synergistic blend not only propels healing but also nurtures personal growth and flourishing. A continuum of care, seamlessly tailored to individual needs, ensures a smooth transition beyond treatment. Sierra Tucson’s commitment transcends treatment, offering a lifeline of support, motivation, and resources through their dedicated alumni services.

Tailored Experiences

Sierra Tucson takes pride in offering specialized programs meticulously curated for distinct communities such as First Responders, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and licensed professionals. These programs provide a sanctuary where clients can find solace, recovery, and renewed hope. Complemented by a team of adept professionals, each program is a testament to Sierra Tucson’s unwavering dedication.

Refuge in Tranquility

The allure of Sierra Tucson’s location lies in its secluded tranquility, an idyllic backdrop that kindles restoration. Enveloped by nature’s embrace, clients escape the demands of their daily lives and the bustling outside world. Nestled amidst the expansive campus are semi-private rooms, a rejuvenating ropes course, the endearing therapy tortoise Shelldon, a contemplative labyrinth, versatile sport courts, an invigorating rock wall, and a tapestry of other offerings awaiting discovery.

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Highlights from the Treatment Facility

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Common Questions About Sierra Tucson

While costs may vary due to program length and insurance benefits, it typically costs $20,000-$45,000.
Tucson, Arizona, United States.
Sierra Tucson works with most major insurance payers on an out-of-network basis. Coverage will vary from plan to plan, but individuals can have their benefits checked quickly and confidentially by calling the Admissions department. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding coverage to help make the complicated world of managed health care a little easier to understand..
The typical length is 30 days.

Location Information

Address: 39580 S Lago Del Oro Pkwy, Tucson, AZ 85739

Area: Sierra Tucson is located to the north of Tucson, Arizona, nestled in a serene desert landscape that provides a peaceful setting away from the bustling city life. This area is characterized by its natural beauty and tranquility, offering a secluded environment conducive to healing and recovery. The facility is situated within driving distance from Tucson, providing easy access to urban amenities while maintaining a quiet, restorative atmosphere.


Treatment Center Overview

Founded in 1983

Languages: English

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