Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Emerald Isle offers addiction and mental health treatment blending personalized plans with evidence-based therapies in an inpatient or outpatient setting.

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About Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Pioneering Mental Health Care in Arizona

In the heart of Arizona, the reputable Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is dedicated to broadening the horizons of mental health treatment accessibility. Their incessant innovation and development of novel strategies for residential care seamlessly intertwine with outpatient services, ensuring comprehensive attention to mental and behavioral health conditions.

A Vision for Holistic Wellness

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery’s mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities they cater to. With a blend of evidence-driven and holistic methodologies, they bestow their clients with the tools to secure enduring health. Recognized as a vanguard in Arizona’s mental health landscape, their unwavering commitment paints a vision of a world where individuals can reach their zenith of potential. This center extends services that encompass primary mental health care and treatments for drug and alcohol substance dependencies.

Tailored Paths to Recovery

Emerald Isle prides itself on crafting a treatment journey that resonates with each client’s individual narrative. Through an all-encompassing clinical and medical regimen, their seasoned team equips clients with the resources essential for achieving a sustainable state of mental wellness. The center embodies the spirit of genuine concern, making it an oasis for those on the quest for lasting health in Arizona.

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Highlights from the Treatment Facility

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Common Questions About Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Sun City, Arizona, United States.
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The typical length is 30 to 90 days.
Yes, services include detox (off-site).

Location Information

Address: 10702 W Peoria Ave, Sun City, Arizona 85351, US9


Treatment Center Overview

Founded in 2019

Languages: English

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