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Addressing mental health necessitates a multifaceted healthcare approach, one that is centered around the individual and their unique requirements. This approach guarantees the provision of timely and suitable care, tailored precisely to meet the diverse needs of each person.

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About Alternative to Meds Center

Alternative to Meds Center provides residential care for those struggling with mental health conditions and secondary addictions, or co-occurring disorders. Alternative to Meds treats medication withdrawal (antidepressants, antipsychotics, and benzodiazepines), with holistic tapering methods for a medication-free recovery. They treat mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress (PTSD), ADHD, bipolar, and more.

An Alternative Path to Recovery

Alternative to Meds Center uses holistic and evidence-based treatments to help ease medication withdrawal, treat mental health conditions, and promote overall wellness. They run various health tests to address the medical and physical causes of poor mental health and restore optimal brain chemistry. They offer cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage and family counseling, validation therapy, self-regulation practices, and a variety of alternative therapies. These include art therapy, existential therapy, and expressive arts.


Alternative to Meds Center also incorporates naturopathic methods to promote healing of the body. They provide neurotoxin removal, lab testing, colon hydrotherapy, massages, qigong, yoga, equine therapy, and energy medicine techniques like Reiki.

A Restorative Setting

Alternative to Meds Center promotes exercise, mindfulness practices, and offers an organic diet to address underlying health imbalances. They believe that aesthetics are one of the highest forms of healing and provide artistic, comfortable spaces at their facility. They have 18 beds, with private and semi-private bedrooms. All have access to the outdoors. An outdoor lounge and hot tub, on-site spa treatments, and frequent nature outings bring clients outside and into wellness. Alternative to Meds is Joint Commission accredited and accepts a variety of insurance providers.

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Highlights from the Treatment Facility

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Common Questions About Alternative to Meds Center

The Alternative to Meds Center holds the belief that people are often over-medicated and diagnosed with mental conditions suggesting a permanent issue. They emphasize a comprehensive view of mental health, considering medical issues, hormonal factors, nutritional choices, genetics, and psychosocial dynamics as major components.
The program focuses on holistic and integrative methodologies to restore balance to brain chemistry using natural methods. Individual assessment is conducted to address clients’ needs, reduce dependency on medication, and provide personalized treatments for the most benefit.
Individuals seek assistance to break free from medication use, acknowledging the drawbacks of prescription drugs such as side effects, dependency, or addiction risks. The center encourages a holistic approach, incorporating scientifically proven methods from environmental medicine, naturopathy, psychology, and more.
The center advocates holistic healing that addresses the body, mind, and spirit, going beyond medicating or masking symptoms. They emphasize a relationship with one’s own physiology, taking personal accountability, and reducing dependency on medications for mental health. The goal is to help individuals remove the dependency on pain and psychiatric medications for good.
The holistic program includes various elements such as heavy metal chelation, colonics, neurotoxin removal, massage, ionic foot baths, counseling, lab tests, nebulized glutathione, Qigong, yoga, equine therapy, energy medicine like Reiki, and a detailed biochemical examination. The aim is to uncover underlying issues and support healthy living.
The primary goal is medication reduction and, where possible, elimination of psychiatric and pain medication. The center supports individuals with a unique combination of supplementation, organic diets, personalized care management, investigative research, Chinese medicine, licensed counseling, and holistic modalities.

Location Information

Address: 185 Roadrunner Dr Sedona, AZ 86336


Treatment Center Overview

Founded in 2006

Languages: English

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