Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center

Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center offers a refined and elevated treatment initiative providing tailor-made programming, flexible outpatient services, and residences designed with a focus on specific genders.

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About Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center

Scottsdale Providence in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a place where people go to recover from addiction and other challenges. They focus on helping each person in a way that works best for them.

They have different programs both for staying at their center and for those who want to visit for treatments. To help people get better, they use a mix of different methods. Some of these include group talks, a 12-step program, and newer treatments like EMDR, which helps process bad memories, and Neurofeedback therapy, which helps train the brain.

At Scottsdale Providence Renewal, people learn skills to help them not go back to their old habits. They also learn how to manage anger, deal with stress, and other essential life skills. The center believes in a full-body approach. So, they offer yoga, massages, and even horse therapy. People can also express themselves through writing and can work out at a nearby gym.

Families are super important in the recovery process. So, the center invites families to visit often and offers special sessions to help families understand and support their loved ones better.

The center has two big homes – one for women and one for men. These houses are comfortable and modern, with a peaceful outdoor space that includes a swimming pool.

Scottsdale Providence Renewal is recognized by the Joint Commission, a sign that they offer quality care. They also accept many types of insurance, making it easier for more people to get the help they need.

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Common Questions About Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center

While the cost can fluctuate based on program duration and insurance coverage, the typical cost without insurance is around $20,000.

Location Information

Address: 8889 E. Via Linda Blvd Scottsdale AZ, 85258


Treatment Center Overview

Founded in 2016

Languages: English

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