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Detox is often the first step of the recovery journey. It’s also an extremely sensitive process that requires medical supervision. Let us help you start.

Inpatient Rehab Center

Inpatient rehab is crucial for a strong foundation in recovery. Stays vary anywhere from 30 to 120 days where patients are engaged in a therapeutic environment away from daily life stressors. The focus is solely on healing.

Addiction Intervention Services

Properly planned addiction interventions are extremely effective. Learn from the best interventionists with years of expertise helping families finally find their voice and give the gift of treatment.

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Peoria Arizona Rehab Centers

Evidence-based rehab programs are the key to recovery with either 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment plans. Let us help you find the most effective length of stay.

30-Day Inpatient Treatment

30-day treatment programs are ideal for people who require less intensive treatment. However, 30-day programs can also be beneficial to anyone because they provide a jump start to recovery in a therapeutic environment.

60-Day Inpatient Treatment

60-day treatment plans are also an excellent option for individuals. Inpatient rehabs structure each patient’s stay to be the most efficient and effective. Learn if 60-day treatment plans are right for you.

90-Day Inpatient Treatment

Studies show that the longer the stay in inpatient treatment, the more successful the result for long-term recovery. This treatment length is ideal for those who are able to stay for longer time periods.

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Solutions for Drug Abuse in Peoria, AZ

People living north of Phoenix may want treatment options closer to home, or Arizonans in Maricopa or Yavapai counties may want a quality rehab center to travel to. Fortunately, there are approximately 100 treatment options around Peoria, Arizona. At least one of them will be able to meet your medical needs, and we can help you find it.

With a population of only 175,000, Peoria is a smaller community than nearby cities. There are still enough people and amenities to be a comfortable place to recover in. In addition, Peoria retains a small-town feel that patients find peaceful and relaxing. These treatment centers help Arizonans recover from dependency on alcohol, prescription drugs, opioids, heroin, meth, and many more substances. Plenty of people in and around Phoenix choose to overcome their addictions in the safety of a Peoria rehab treatment center. You or a loved one can be part of this strong group of individuals battling against addiction.

Opioid use is a growing problem in Arizona, as it is across the nation. From legal prescription opioids to illegal ones like heroin, opioids are addictive and potentially deadly. In fact, two Arizonans pass away from opioid overdoses every day. The pain of losing a loved one to drug abuse doesn’t have to happen, and there are effective treatment programs near you that will work.

Rehab centers that operate in Peoria have experience with getting people off opioids and other drugs. Call today for a free consultation about treatment programs and your unique situation.

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What to Expect from Rehab

Treatment programs fall into different lengths of time for different levels of addictions. Some programs are a week or shorter in length designed for those with milder addictions. On the other hand, longer programs of 90 or more days are for drug users who have been using for a long period of time. There are also programs between those lengths for added choice and tailor fit the program to your needs. Whatever your relationship with drug addiction is, we can ensure that you start down the path of recovery.

Detoxification is going to be the first phase of most programs. During this time, patients rest and focus on letting the drugs naturally leave their bodies. A great thing about detoxing in a rehab center is the medical care nearby if withdrawal symptoms become too uncomfortable or dangerous. If necessary, they will administer medication and medical treatments to help manage and withdrawal effects. Once detox is over, the therapy and working on staying sober can begin.

The Signs of an Addiction

Harmful drug habits usually start as occasional activities to help keep the stress of life away. The hardest part of reaching out to a treatment center is simply admitting that a problem with drugs exists. In some cases, this conversation can be started by thinking about any observable addiction symptoms. Here are a few of the markers that there is a dependency on drugs:

  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Refusing to stop drug usage when health problems appear
  • Changing regular activities for a drug habit
  • Craving for more drugs
  • Consuming the drug frequently before using machinery, driving, or other hazardous actions
  • The drug usage results in worse school, work, or family performance
  • Losing control of drug consumption

It’s important to understand that there are other symptoms, but these are common behaviors linked to addiction to any drug. Each particular substance, such as heroin or cocaine, will have different effects on the body and, therefore, different symptoms. This is why it can be very beneficial to learn as much about the substance in question as possible.

Where to Find Treatment Centers

Unfortunately, no dedicated and accredited addiction treatment services exist in Peoria, Arizona. However, Peoria is a short commute away from many great alternatives in Glendale or North Phoenix. In surrounding towns, there are options for different types of treatment programs, services, and amenities. While no treatment centers are in Peoria, below is a rundown of some possible services offered in nearby Glendale:

  • Multiple hospital inpatient programs
  • Several centers provide outpatient treatment services
  • Detox services within hospital inpatient programs
  • Several SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment centers in Glendale and Phoenix, with buprenorphine and naltrexone providers, included as well
  • Many rehabs accept Medicare and Medicaid as alternative payments
  • Treatment providers offer payment assistance plans and services on a sliding fee scale
  • A substantial number of rehabs also offer specialized services for LGBTQ+ community members and domestic violence or sexual abuse victims

While rehab treatment options in Peoria are scarce, there is still help for addicts in the community. Prescription drugs can sit leftover, expired, or unused, leaving the dangerous substances open to misuse. In response, the Peoria Police Department has set up a safe disposal method of any prescription drugs lying around the home. Within both police precincts in Peoria, a marked green box has been set up for anyone to anonymously donate any unused, leftover, or unwanted prescription drugs. However, you can’t use the green donation box to dispose of any liquids, needles, or aerosols. This way, drugs in the home can be disposed of safely and securely, with officers coming by routinely to collect and properly destroy the drugs before they can harm anyone.

Payment Options for Addiction Rehab Treatments

Arizona has several quality options when shopping around for healthcare insurance. Each of these insurance providers should have sections of their websites dedicated to mental health and substance abuse. Below is a list of some of the more common healthcare insurance providers that Arizonans have:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Bright Health
  • Cigna Healthcare of Arizona, Inc.
  • Oscar Health Plan, Inc.
  • Ambetter from Health Net

Health insurance is a common and effective way of getting state-of-the-art treatments at a manageable cost. However, healthcare insurance is not a viable option for many addicts. Many people utilize Medicare and Medicaid to help find coverage for necessary addiction care. Arizona’s state Medicaid system, known as AHCCCS, is available for any qualifying adult with a drug or alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, AHCCCS only has a limited amount of funding to draw from, and not everyone will qualify. Therefore, reach out as soon as you can and see if you do. Those who qualify for Medicaid or Medicare can find coverage for the following treatments:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Transportation and childcare costs
  • Counseling and therapy practices
  • Other necessary recovery services

Sometimes Medicare and Medicaid can be difficult to qualify for in certain situations. If this might be you or someone you know, don’t worry since other payment options still exist. Rehab centers sometimes offer payment plans for anyone struggling with finances or healthcare insurance. Additionally, treatment services sometimes offer a sliding fee scale, so you can walk into rehab and get treatment. Payment assistance programs like these help patients focus on the recovery that deserves their full attention.


Where to Seek Out Substance Abuse Treatment

A treatment facility in another town is a great way of ensuring that your experience effectively gets and keeps you clean and sober. The risk of relapsing and falling back into old habits goes down exponentially when the residential treatment occurs in a different area.

Getting a fresh start in a new area can be a psychologically exciting and motivating feeling to help push you or a loved one through the hard parts of getting clean. Also, making an effort to travel to a rehab center in another town makes the patient emphasize this big and new step in their lives. Additionally, one of the best benefits is meeting other recovering addicts who can provide a stable support network. One of the greatest opportunities in recovery is learning from others who have been through similar scenarios.

It is still possible to stay in Peoria, AZ, and commute to other parts of town for outpatient care. Since outpatient programs don’t require patients to live at the facility, there is more flexibility for these options. Being in a familiar setting and having friends and family close by can help many people trying to commit themselves to a sober lifestyle.

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