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A comprehensive and spiritual rejuvenation program for adolescents and young adults, focusing on nature-based therapy.

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About ANASAZI Foundation

A Change of Heart: The Core Philosophy

At ANASAZI, the focus is on facilitating a change of heart rather than merely altering behavior. As articulated by Ezekiel C. Sanchez, this transformation comes from within the individual, inspired by genuine care and an environment conducive to introspection. The program encourages YoungWalkers to shed past burdens and start anew, fostering this change through a deep connection with nature and structured wilderness experiences.


Maintaining Authenticity and Patience

From the early days at Brigham Young University, the founders recognized the powerful impact of wilderness experiences. Despite various expert opinions and suggestions over the years, ANASAZI has steadfastly adhered to its original, nature-centric approach, avoiding contrived or boot-camp-like methods. The focus remains on an ancient, primitive lifestyle, fostering trust and awakening even in resistant young people through patience and a peaceful heart. This dedication to authentic and principle-based practices has been a cornerstone of their work, ensuring that the trust placed in them by worried parents is honored and upheld.

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Common Questions About ANASAZI Foundation

The cost of ANASAZI’s program is based on a daily rate. For a specific quote, interested parties can reach out to the Admissions team at 480-892-7403 or by email at This daily rate encompasses all program costs and materials, including individual and group therapy sessions. Also covered are a parent-enrollment in an 8-hour relationship workshop, a half-day Family Walking of WE session followed by seven weeks of parent coaching/shadowing post-discharge, and a one-year enrollment in ANASAZI’s Alumni Services program post-discharge. There is also a one-time fee of $2,750, which includes a psychological assessment, educational credits, and outfitting necessities such as clothing, a pair of hiking boots, and other gear. Should a student stay longer than the minimum duration of 49 days, additional costs for items like clothing or gear may be required. It’s important to note that admissions are accepted year-round, based on availability, and discharges typically occur on Thursdays.
ANASAZI distinctly positions itself not as a boot camp, but as a wilderness program for youth. The program emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability, but firmly distances itself from the use of force, contrived situations, manipulation, or confrontation. Additionally, it does not employ any point or level systems or other traditional behavioral modification techniques or models. In this accredited wilderness therapy program, caring staff members accompany the YoungWalkers on their journey, sharing the same food and gear. They approach teaching moments with patience, waiting for the right opportunities to impart knowledge. The program focuses on imparting skills and the principles of unconditional love, agency, repentance, forgiveness, and restitution, ensuring a compassionate and supportive environment for personal growth.

Location Information

Address: 1424 South Stapley Dr. Mesa, AZ 85204


Treatment Center Overview

Founded in 1988

Languages: English

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