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What is the Difference Between IOP and Fellowship Meetings?

When you are new to sobriety, all the different treatment and maintenance options may sound like the same thing. It is important to know that there are different levels of care and distinctions between different treatment options that could make an enormous difference in a person’s experience in sobriety.

IOP is short for intensive outpatient program, which is often a crucial part of the whole addiction treatment process. IOP provides continued care and direction to those who have recently graduated from inpatient programs. These part-time intensive programs are also often available as a stand-alone treatment program.

IOP usually integrates educational sessions, group therapy, individual therapy and group sessions where topics on and related to addiction are covered.

Continued Care Like IOP and 12 Step Meetings Offers Support Through Crisis & Life.

Important Distinctions Between IOP and Meetings

12-step meetings are another crucial tool to gaining and maintaining sobriety. Daily or regular meeting attendance is highly recommended for anyone new to the program or going through a difficult time.

IOP provides individualized attention and guidance to group members, whereas in a 12-step meeting the individual is less of a focus to the group. It is much more difficult to get lost or disappear into a crowd in IOP than it is in a meeting.

An individual can get the attention and help necessary in a meeting, however in IOP groups the leaders and counselors are typically highly educated in the field of addiction and mental health. If someone wants to go unnoticed, the task is more easily managed with meetings.

In IOP however, there is a higher level of accountability. Learn more about the differences between IOP and fellowship meetings in your first year of sobriety.

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