Thank You For Filling Out Our Form: ABTRS Will be in Touch

Your mental and physical health is important for our community and for the students you inspire to be great. ABTRS will be reaching out to you to confirm your qualification and walk you through this process. A majority of the time, people do not know they need to seek help for what is going on until they are struggling to keep it under control. By you taking this 1st step means that you are taking care of yourself so that the students that depend on you will always have you at your best,even when you don’t feel like you are at your best. 

ABTRS Appreciates you and the role you play in our community. Your IOP Services will begin:

1st Week of June

While you wait, here are some resources you might want to look into:

What is FMLA:

Government FMLA Guide:

Teacher’s Requirements While on FMLA:

teacher appreciation program


Evening Intensive Outpatient Program


EIOP with Confidential Qualifications


Group Therapy Each Week

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