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Surprise Arizona Treatment Programs

Rehab program steps are the key to recovery with either a 30 day, 60 day, or a 90 day treatment care.

30-Day Treatment


30-day treatment programs are ideal for people with mild addictions. A 30-day programs are best for those who cannot commit to long-term treatment.

60-Day Treatment


60-day treatment plans are excellent for people with addictions at a moderate level. This is an excellent program length for people who can’t commit to extended periods of time in treatment.

90-Day Treatment


Those with moderate to severe addictions should definitely seek out a 90-day program, while those with mild to moderate addictions can reach successful outcomes from shorter treatment programs.

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Surprise, AZ City Addiction Facts

The city of Surprise is a quiet area in the northwestern part of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. According to the 2010 census, the city was home to 117,000 people. Thanks to its small size, you might expect it not to have substance abuse problems. But you would be wrong.

Since 2000, the city has had a 281% increase in its overall population, making it the second fastest-growing city within the Phoenix area. This, in combination with its proximity to other cities in the Phoenix area, has increased drug problems. It should be no secret that Arizona is facing a drug epidemic. In fact, most of America is. This problem could easily affect you or your loved one, even in Surprise. Thankfully, the residents of Surprise have many options available for recovery. Some of these options exist within the city itself. And other options exist a short drive away.

Either way, recovery is possible if you are willing to seek it out. The following article will explain the basics of finding treatment in your area. However, we can’t touch on every aspect of the subject. If you need more information, feel free to reach us directly. We are not a treatment center, but we do have access to a vast recovery network and would be more than happy to make our resources available to you. Our number is 1-888-906-0952.

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Surprise Addiction History

Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Surprise, AZ

How bad has Surprise been affected by the drug epidemic? Well, it’s all in the stats.

While drug statistics for Surprise are scarce, you might be shocked by the numbers for its neighboring cities. For example, within the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale area, an average of 558,000 people over 12 used illegal drugs in the last year. That’s an incredible amount since the total number of people within the Phoenix metro area is around 5 million. That means approximately 1/10 of the population is using drugs. Of course, these numbers clearly affect nearby Surprise!

But that’s not all. In 2016 alone, 790 Arizonans died from opioid overdoses. And the rate at which opioid deaths have occurred within the state have increased by 74% since 2012. Part of the reason why opioid deaths have become more common within the state is that drug dealers are cutting their drugs with fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. So when you take a drug laced with it, it’s very easy to overdose. Most people don’t even know they are taking it.


These factors come together to make a perfect storm for drug use in Arizona. According to one National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Arizona is one of the country’s worst states for prescription drug abuse. Between 2010 and 2011, 6% of residents over the age of 12 abused prescription meds. Since then, the problem has not improved much. In addition, Arizona also has an issue with binge drinking. This is especially true for non-Hispanic males between the ages of 35 and 65. 

These problems create a unique drug culture in Arizona. It’s all too easy to become addicted.

Treatment Options in Surprise, Arizona

Fortunately, there are many options available for anyone suffering from addiction within Arizona. This is especially true for anyone within Surprise. There are many facilities nearby, and each of them wants nothing more than to help their patients. What kind of facilities are available? Well, in general, there are four types of treatment for recovering addicts:  

  • Inpatient clinic
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Residential treatment
  • Detox

Detox. Detox is the process of getting beyond physical dependency. When you use a drug long enough, your body becomes dependent on it. Simply giving it up can result in withdrawal. To get through withdrawal, some clinics offer detox treatment. The point of detox is to help you get through withdrawal safely and with as little pain as possible.

Inpatient clinicInpatient clinics are for patients who are having a hard time beating back their cravings. It is also for patients who are easily triggered by their environment. Inpatient facilities allow patients to live in the facility, giving them the chance to focus on therapy.

Outpatient clinicsOn the other hand, outpatient facilities give patients a chance to continue their daily lives during treatment. Patients will attend therapy and counseling on their own schedule and go home afterward. This form of therapy is ideal for anyone who can’t afford to attend an inpatient clinic.

Residential treatment. This form of therapy is similar to inpatient treatment. The main difference is that residential treatment takes place over a longer period of time. Typically, this kind of treatment is for more severe cases of substance use disorder.


Find that happiness once again

These forms of treatment are evidence-backed methods. They all have strong success rates with their patients. Picking the one that best applies to you will largely depend on your situation and what’s happening in your life.

Benefits of Traveling Outside Surprise for Treatment

The next major decision you will need to make is whether you should stay in Surprise for treatment or go elsewhere. There are good reasons to do both, and your choice depends on what you need from therapy.

Let’s talk about leaving town. Why would you want to do that? Well, there are many good reasons. First off, you can get a fresh start. Starting anew is good because it gets you away from the triggers that might induce cravings. In addition, you also get away from the factors that led to your substance abuse in the first place. For example, if a toxic home life led to your addiction, then getting away from that environment could help.

But there are other reasons to consider as well. If you attend an inpatient program outside of town, it will be much harder to leave the facility. This means you are going to be more likely to stick to the program until you finish. For this reason, you might consider an inpatient program in another city. Another good reason, more important for those attending outpatient treatment, is privacy. If you go to therapy in another town, you lower the chance of being seen by someone you know.

All of these are great reasons to travel outside Surprise for treatment. If any of them apply to you, you might want to go to nearby Phoenix or Goodyear for treatment.

Benefits of Staying in Surprise for Treatment

On the other hand, you might want to stay in Surprise. There are plenty of good reasons to do this as well. Here are just a few.

First off, staying in town is a great chance to get family counseling. If drug use has caused tension with your family or partner, going through therapy together can be very beneficial. Not only can it help heal the relationship, but it can also help you recover from addiction. In addition, your family is more likely to come and support you. Many facilities offer family or friend days, where your loved ones can visit and offer support. Studies have shown this can help patients recover.

For outpatient facilities, proximity to your neighborhood means you will be more likely to attend. If the facility is far away, you might convince yourself not to attend treatment. Overall, this will make it less likely that you complete therapy. Whether you go through inpatient or outpatient care, being nearby makes it more likely to attend aftercare. Aftercare is a follow-up therapy to help you stay sober, and it can be a handy tool for recovering addicts.

No matter what you are thinking about doing, don’t fret too much over the details. At the end of the day, getting treatment is the most important thing you can do. Don’t let the choice between staying in Surprise, Arizona, or going elsewhere delay the treatment you need.

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Now that you know all of the details about Surprise’s drug problem and how to get the treatment you need, don’t be afraid to get started. Taking the first step will be scary, but it might be one of the most important things you ever do. Whether you or your loved one are facing an addiction, the time to act is now.

If you worry about paying for treatment, know there are many options available. You can use Medicare and Medicaid to cover substance abuse disorders as long as the treatment is reasonable and necessary. In many cases, treatment is necessary. If you already have insurance, you can figure out what facilities are within your network by visiting your insurance’s website. Generally, insurance companies keep that information under the mental or behavioral health sections. Finally, most treatment centers offer financial assistance. This often comes in payment assistance or a sliding pay scale (based on income). There are plenty of options to help you get the treatment you need.

That’s why there is no good reason to avoid getting help if you or your loved one need it. If you have any questions about where to go or what to do next, you’re not alone. We would be more than happy to help you figure out the next steps. You can reach us at 1-888-906-0952.

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