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Why is Yoga and Strength Therapy Important in Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

ABTRS understands the importance of taking a holistic approach to treating addiction. Whether traditional or alternative, we want to include what truly works and is backed up by evidence. Yoga is one of the many alternative treatments that has been found to aid in the process of recovery. Veda Spidle, our Yoga Program Director leads yoga classes and sessions at ABTRS on a weekly basis. Drug & alcohol abuse tends to cause an imbalance with the mind, body, and spirit. Getting into the habit of taking care of the body is important for regulating hormones and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Having a therapy that focuses on strength and overall health will promote a healthy lifestyle upon graduating from rehab. Your overall health and well-being in an ABTRS program is our main concern when it comes to providing comprehensive substance abuse care. We want our patients to have tools that work.

Veda Spidle Explains the Benefits of Yoga in Substance Abuse Treatment

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Empowering Patients with Knowledge

Learn More About How Drug and Alcohol Addictions Effect the Brain & Hormone Regulation.

Physical Fitness & the Addicted Brain

Understanding how drug and alcohol addiction effects the mind and body is key when enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program. A Better Today Recovery Services empowers our patients with knowledge about addiction being a disease that can permanently change the brain.

Chemicals for healthy brain function, like dopamine and serotonin, are disrupted causing an imbalance expression. This dysfunctional hormone expression will directly affect happiness, self-esteem, and sometimes cause suicidal thoughts or tendencies. This disruption ultimately affects the person’s quality of life and their self-image. If drug or alcohol abuse results in a dependence or full blown addiction, the brain may be permanently altered.

Addictive substances such as heroin, alcohol and ecstasy produce these types of brain chemicals. Self-medicate with these addictive substances as a way to make a hard day better or a weekend more memorable will have a more negatively profound effect on the brain as continued abuse occurs.

Many substances that are abuse can cause mental health conditions like meth psychosis. Depending on the extent of the abuse and the type of substance, these effects can be temporary or permanent. To empower our clients, A Better Today Recovery Services educates both parents and patients about addiction as a disease.

The Importance Of Physical Activity in Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Knowing that addiction is a disease that affects hormone regulation makes strength training and yoga an important part of substance abuse treatment.

Physical activities like going to the gym, jogging, yoga, cross fitness, or weight lifting is used to help regulate proper hormone regulation. Engaging in physical activity during drug &alcohol treatment helps kick start the brain into healthy regulation. Ultimately, promoting good mood, and positive routine for a better lifestyle upon graduation.

Staying mentally and physically busy while in recovery is very important due to the raw emotions that recovering addicts have to experience when getting clean. Dwelling on negative thoughts and behaviors during active addiction can cause relapse and hinder progress. Keeping busy helps progress and responsiveness to lessons learned in drug & alcohol rehab.

Many of our patients that graduate our programs use the gym as a method to cope with cravings. They realize the damage they have caused in active addiction and focus on this method of therapy to help handle the struggles they may face upon getting clean and sober.

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Access Your Inner Peace With Yoga Therapy

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The Benefits of Yoga for Long-Lasting Recovery of Substance Abuse

In alcohol and drug rehab, calming the mind can help focus their mind on their recovery and allow them meditation time for spiritual healing. Regulating brain activities is important in substance abuse treatment and because emotions can be overwhelming during rehab, time spent in yoga can bring contentment, clarity, and self-discovery.

Taking time to calm your mind and relax is just as important as any other therapy. Yoga encourages you to relax, slow your breath, and focus on the present. Be mindful of goals, lessons learned, and safely deal with raw emotions like guilt. When in ABTRS’s drug and alcohol rehab, you can explore a new life of drug free activity. Opportunities for friendships, career choices, and enjoyable events can become a norm when welcomed into the sober community.

ABTRS take it upon ourselves to show our patients what they are missing when they abuse alcohol and drugs. We introduce our patients to a supportive community that understands what it is like to have lived in active addiction and what it takes to rise above the challenges they may face. The best part is you do not have to do it alone and immersing yourself in the sober community means you never will have to.

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Learning About Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment From Impartial Sources is Half the Battle

Substance abuse treatment needs to be both tailored to the individual’s needs and proven to be effective. Anyone who experiences active addiction has a different experience and this needs to be a factor when provide treatment for long-lasting recovery. Because the influence of addiction varies from person to person, the importance of multiple and effective treatment methods is important to ABTRS. We utilize various treatment methods that have been proven to be effective by the scientific and psychological community.

If you are going to trust us with you or your loved one’s treatment plan, we want to be entirely transparent about the resources we use. Checkout the list below to learn more about the foundation we base our treatment methods on. It might be a bit of a dry read but we believe knowledge empowers people to make good choices that will benefit you and your loved one’s future.

Park, C. L., Russell, B. S., & Fendrich, M. (2018). Mind-Body Approaches to Prevention and Intervention for Alcohol and Other Drug Use/Abuse in Young Adults. Medicines (Basel, Switzerland), 5(3), 64. doi:10.3390/medicines5030064

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