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Sexual Abuse and Addiction

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The Connection Between Sexual Abuse and Addiction

Sexual abuse and addiction are never topics someone wants to talk about. Especially for someone who is experiencing sexual abuse currently or has in the past. The wounds from both of these traumatic afflictions stay tender for years, even decades, after all has passed. Many times, those dealing with one of these experiences tend to end up finding the other eventually. Unfortunately, this cycle is very common. Sexual abuse leads to addiction, and vice versa.

Frequently, those who have an addiction will enter into sexually abusive relationships. These relationships are key in holding someone back from seeking help and finding a full recovery. As a result, the cycle of sexual abuse and addiction will continue until the sufferer seeks the assistance they need. Furthermore, they will need to break the bonds of the abusive relationship, which can be very hard emotionally.

However, the most important thing to remember is the relief that comes from seeking a full recovery. Right now the path may seem steep and insurmountable, but there is always hope. Above all, there are always those willing to help you be the person you are wanting to be. There is always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

Women who have a history of sexual abuse are 3 times more likely to develop an addiction

The Pain of Sexual Abuse

Addiction and sexual abuse can feed into each other very effectively. Therefore causing a wheel of emotional pain, shame, and even physical harm to those struggling with both. These sufferers tend to be well acquainted with disappointments, confrontation, and depression.

In other words, those who need help with addiction and sexual abuse can come across as very mentally unstable. Likewise, they may come across as if they have bipolar disorder because of their frequent mood swings.

Hoping to help, psychiatric professionals may misdiagnose these people with borderline personality disorder. A disorder known for its emotional instability and suicidal urges.

Although sexual abuse has a strong correlation with this personality disorder, it may not always be seen in every case. Similarly, a common effect of sexual abuse is post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. A disorder known for its reoccuring traumatic flashbacks it inflicts on a person.

However, a person needing help with addiction and sexual abuse may not appear to have any of these illnesses. In fact, they may appear completely functional, capable, and even happy.

An important thing to remember is the stigma of addiction and the discomfort of speaking about sexual abuse. Generally speaking, those who are suffering from these will hide them for fear of persecution and dealing with pain.

Does Sexual Abuse Cause Addiction?

Knowing exactly what came first is a matter of understanding the sufferers past. Ordinarily, childhood sexual abuse will lead victims to experiment with drugs and alcohol at an earlier age. Thus, putting them at higher risk of becoming dependent on addictive substances.

Notwithstanding, some struggling could have fallen into drug or alcohol addiction before the beginning of an abusive relationship. Propelling them to partake in the cycle to feed their addiction. This is usually do to emotions such as shame, hopelessness, and low self esteem.

Overall, the details of why someone falls into the snare of addiction are various and individual. Difficult events in childhood influence some more than others.

For example, some children grow up in broken homes. Others grow up in poverty or with serious illnesses. Some may even lose someone close to them.

Ultimately, all these situations are very difficult for a child emotionally. Nonetheless, sexual abuse is still the most significant event correlating with addiction.

In the end, the only way someone can find out which one came first is the victim. Most of the time, victims will do so with a licensed, trained psychological professional.

After all, psychotherapy for sexual abuse and addiction is the most effective treatment for relief.

Abuse and Addiction

The Cycles of Substance Abuse and Addiction


Treating those Suffering from Sexual Abuse and Addiction

Treatment for sexual abuse and addiction can involve different therapies and medications. With psychotherapy being the main course of treatment, anti depressants and anti anxiety medication may also help.

Differing techniques regarding therapy may work as well. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy works for a lot of patients suffering from sexual abuse. Whereas those with addiction may seek treatment in group therapy for support.

Furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy revolves around the patient using their thoughts to change their behavior. Also in this therapy, the idea of using certain behaviors to control thoughts is very important. Meaning these two principles are used to balance the patient in how they deal with life.

In addition, group therapy is greatly beneficial to helping those with both of these conditions as well. Group therapy helps establish a collective setting with those who struggle with the same goals. This is ideal for establishing a community of outreach and support.

A Better Today Recovery Services specializes in the treatment of co occuring illnesses with addiction. Namely, diseases such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, ADHD, and anxiety.

Additionally, ABTRS comes with experienced and certified therapists, psychiatrists, and medical professionals. All capable of giving the best care and support necessary for recovery.

Unique Challenges of Addiction and Recovery

The long road to fully recovering from sexual abuse and addiction can be ripe with trials. Firstly, there is usually the presence of an abuser—someone in the individual’s life who may be holding them back from this recovery. Not to mention this abuser may be inflicting harm on the individual.

Along with this, there are intrusive traumatic thoughts that come unexpectedly. These thoughts can be vile, cruel, and terrifying. Likewise, they can be crippling and encompass the individual’s whole mind.

The sheer amount someone must deal with when they have an addiction is tremendous. There are substance cravings, withdrawals, and anxieties constantly. Eventually, with all these things coming together, the sheer impact on one’s emotional health is extreme.

Sometimes, to the victim, there may seem no escape. It may seem like they will be stuck in the same cycle of addiction, abuse, and self-loathing forever. Some will feel like all hope is lost.

However, this is never the case. There is always hope for those looking for help with their circumstances. With ABTRS, there is no need to harbor this pain for long periods. We can ensure that you get into treatment that is tailored for you.

Sexual Trauma and Addiction

Informational Video

Hope in Recovering from Sexual Abuse and Addiction

Although finding hope amidst the flashbacks and substance abuse can be difficult, there is safety available to you. Entering into a recovery service is a huge step in the right direction. It may not be what you want right now, but it might be your only option.

With a recovery service, you will be part of a community that cares. Furthermore, you will be around those who understand what you are going through. There are plenty of health care professionals and therapists here to provide support. You will never have to feel alone when you seek assistance.

Coupling you with an individual treatment plan you will develop with your providers, you will feel peace. This will give you hopefulness in days to come. The only question remains is where you should go for treatment.

A Better Today Recovery Services ensures every person seeking treatment has everything they need in order to see success. For this reason, we have seen people who change their lives drastically.

We’ve have experience in shaping lives. We know what every patient needs for them to reach full recovery. To get help with addiction and sexual abuse, all someone has to do is have the courage to call.

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