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Below are comprehensive guides with indepth information on addiction. We have provided these resources at no cost to you, with the hopes that it helps you in your journey. 

If you are looking for help with substance abuse, we have a number of resources available to assist you in recovery. Our treatment guide can provide an overview on addiction and provide helpful tips on how to start your road to recovery. We also provide support group information so you can find a place that provides a safe, supportive environment to share your experiences. 

Addiction Treatment Educational Resources

Finding Treatment for Yourself

We have the experience and resources to help you find the best treatment for you and what you're going through. We know how difficult it can be to take the first step when seeking help.

Finding Treatment for a Loved One

Finding treatment for a loved one can be a difficult process. We provide detailed information about treatment so you can find the best help for a loved one and begin the journey of healing.

CPS & Children

Addiction can lead to situations where CPS, DCS, or DSS can get involved. Read our guide on getting help for addiction so that parental rights aren't lost and reunification is possible.

Co-occurring Disorders

Get Information on Navigating Co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Information you can trust from vetted mental health providers.

Addiction & Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse often find themselves in the grips of drug and alcohol addiction. In this resource, we explain how it happens and how to heal.

Intervention Resources

Addiction intervention specialists are professionals who are trained in helping individuals suffering from addiction to enter treatment programs.

How Addiction Affects Your Rational Thoughts

Learn how addiction affects rational thought and how to make better decisions. We'll explore why addiction is so powerful, and how to recognize the signs of it in yourself or someone else.

4 Key Things to Remember Post Treatment

Learn tips on living a sober life after treatment. Take control of your life and find the support you need to stay sober. With the right help there are many paths to lasting sobriety.

More Addiction Resources

The most important thing to remember is that you deserve a 30-day rehab program that fits your needs. When considering different treatments, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Addiction Treatment Educational Resources