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Resources for Loved Ones

During Treatment

How to help a loved one is in Treatment

How to get involved in your loved ones treatment.

Things you can do for your loved one at ABT

What to expect during a loved ones treatment

How will ABT help your loved ones overcome trauma

What is leaving against medical advice

Workshops & Family Support

As an addicted person undergoes a complete overhaul of his or her life in substance abuse treatment, the support of loved ones is crucial. On the other hand, loved ones have experienced their own hardship, as they’ve watched someone they care about spiral in the disease. ABTRS is committed to bringing families back together. For that reason, we offer our families the education and support they need to understand and overcome the addiction together.

Co dependency and boundaries workshop

Addicted brain and disease model family workshop

Al Anon - Nar Anon

Co dependency and boundaries workshop

Co-occuring disorders workshop

Loved ones guide to support groups

After Treatment

5 step aftercare plan for a loved ones sobriety

Refusing to house my loved one after treatment

Locking up my prescription drugs

Should my loved one go into sober living?

What happens when my loved one relapses?

Warning signs heading for relapse

Addiction Education

In order to effectively combat an addiction, we must be armed with information. Understanding the science behind addiction helps the addicted person avoid triggers and engage in therapy. Families of addicted people can learn how to discover when their loved one is showing warning signs of a relapse. Additionally, addiction education helps others in the family avoid going down the same path.

5 signs your teen may have a drug problem

6 addictions that are legal

Addiction is a family disease

How trauma affects your loved ones substance abuse.

How ptsd can affect their substance abuse.

Blaming friends for substance abuse addiction.

Who is to blame for substance abuse addictions?

Why can't my loved one just stop?

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