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Partial Hospitalizaton Programs in Phoenix, AZ

Partial Hospitalization programs in Phoenix provide rigorous structure and supportive care.  The length of treatment typically ranges from a few weeks to three months or longer, depending on the individual’s progress and needs. Partial hospital programs help patients learn to manage their substance use issues and develop healthy coping skills. 

PHP also focused on changing thinking. A significant portion of the disease is centered on the thoughts and behaviors of the individual. Many people learn to cope with stress or negative emotions by using substances.

This alters the brain, leading to changes in behavior and thinking. PHP treatment works by helping individuals identify their maladaptive behaviors and thoughts so that new coping skills can be developed. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, support groups, and skill development, individuals learn to manage their emotions without the use of substances or another mal

Partial Hospitalization Programs in Arizona

Crestview Recovery

Amidst the fluctuations in drug trends, the prevalence of addiction continues to soar across the United States, yet Crestview Recovery, situated in Portland, Oregon, emerges as a beacon of hope, providing comprehensive and quality addiction treatment services tailored to individuals battling substance abuse within the Pacific Northwest region.

Another Chance

Another Chance is dedicated to serving the community and patients by delivering exceptional care as they navigate the journey of addiction recovery. Committed to trauma-informed care, confidentiality, and hospitality, Another Chance strives to foster a healthier community free from addiction. With personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs and nurturing aftercare services, Another Chance supports continued wellness and community connection. Specializing in evidence-based therapies like Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Another Chance prioritizes empowering individuals to overcome addiction and regain control of their lives with compassion and support.

Brighton Recovery

Brighton Recovery Center is committed to providing evidence-based treatment tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. With a focus on reintegration into all aspects of life, their programs emphasize holistic healing and sobriety. Specializing in dual diagnosis treatment, Brighton addresses both substance use disorders and mental health issues, including grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Led by experienced psychiatrists, addiction medicine doctors, and master's level clinicians, Brighton offers personalized and successful treatment with dignity, hope, and excellent care. Founded by Jonathan Saul, CHMC, Brighton is built on a passion for helping those with dual diagnosis, promoting healing, strength, and dignity for patients and their families. Their multi-faceted approach addresses physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, intellectual, and interpersonal challenges, providing world-class treatment in a supportive environment.

Sunrise Treatment Center

Sunrise offers a voluntary outpatient program designed to provide comprehensive care for adults facing substance use disorders, including alcohol and other drugs. Our experienced team of medical and clinical professionals tailors treatment plans to each individual, setting specific goals for recovery. We offer various levels of care, from non-intensive outpatient to intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. Additionally, we provide supportive housing at select locations for those in need. When necessary, we maintain referral relationships to ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care beyond our services.

Ridgeview Institute

Since 1976, Ridgeview Institute Smyrna has been a trusted sanctuary for individuals and families navigating mental health and addiction challenges. Nestled on a serene 37-acre wooded campus in Smyrna, GA, the institute offers specialized programs for all age groups, supported by a dedicated team of professionals. Their commitment to excellence and patient-centered care is evident in their evidence-based clinical programs and continuous improvement efforts. Ridgeview Institute Smyrna stands as a beacon of hope, ready to guide individuals on their journey to wellness with compassion and support.

Cedar Hills Hospital

Nestled in Portland, Oregon, Cedar Hills Hospital distinguishes itself as a beacon of holistic wellness, transcending conventional mental health care to embrace the complete well-being of mind and body. With accreditation from The Joint Commission, their 98-bed facility sets the standard for excellence, guided by the foundational principles of dignity and respect. Serving the wider Pacific Northwest region, Cedar Hills offers a comprehensive range of inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs, overseen by a dedicated team of board-certified psychiatrists, addictionologists, and physicians. Their individualized approach ensures tailored care, fostering a nurturing, non-judgmental environment conducive to adult recovery from mental health and substance abuse issues. Boasting distinctive programs including mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and specialized tracks such as the Military and Women's programs, Cedar Hills Hospital delivers exceptional care with unwavering compassion.

Ambrosia Treatment Centers

Since its inception in 2007 in South Florida, Ambrosia Behavioral Health has been dedicated to offering personalized addiction and mental health treatment for adults and adolescents.

Omega Recovery

Founded in 2018 in Austin, Omega Recovery addresses the surge in addictive and mental health disorders among young Americans. Building on Dr. Nicholas Kardaras's pioneering work, Omega employs cutting-edge protocols and evidence-based modalities to effectively treat substance, mental health, and tech addiction issues. Clients engage in trauma-informed therapies, including CBT and adventure therapy, fostering healthier habits while addressing underlying distress.

Renaissance Recovery Center

Renaissance Recovery Center in Arizona provides a specialized, clinically-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Recognizing the physical, mental, and spiritual impacts of substance abuse, they offer customized rehab programs. These programs integrate evidence-based practices with 12-step principles, aiming to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center

Scottsdale Providence Recovery Center offers a refined and elevated treatment initiative providing tailor-made programming, flexible outpatient services, and residences designed with a focus on specific genders.

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5

Royal Life Center at Chapter 5 extends specialized housing and targeted programs designed around a gender-specific framework, employing a comprehensive 12-Step treatment methodology.

Sanctuary Recovery Centers

Sanctuary Recovery Centers offer gender-specific addiction treatment, specializing in fentanyl recovery.

America’s Rehab Campuses Arizona

America's Rehabilitation Sanctuary in Arizona stands as a cutting-edge establishment adorned with luxurious amenities reminiscent of a high-end spa. Embracing tranquility, the facility boasts an expansive pool that beckons serenity, complemented by a plethora of diverse recreational avenues.

Core Recovery

A comprehensive outpatient initiative providing empirically-supported care for individuals, both adults and adolescents, grappling with addiction and concurrent disorders. All within a nurturing therapeutic environment.

Decision Point

Decision Point rehab stands as a beacon of hope, where dual diagnosis finds healing and specialty programs flourish, each uniquely crafted. Nestled within its core is a resounding commitment to adventure therapy, an approach that resonates through every facet.

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

Emerald Isle offers addiction and mental health treatment blending personalized plans with evidence-based therapies in an inpatient or outpatient setting.

Pathfinder Recovery Center Arizona

Pathfinder Recovery treats addiction through strong peer support and 12-Step philosophy in a beautiful, scenic location.


SOBA Haven offers comprehensive care for substance abuse recovery alongside a diverse range of holistic therapies, all within a warm and inviting home-style environment.

Camelback Recovery

An upscale treatment facility providing a wide variety of mental health, addiction treatment, sober living, and recovery coaching services.

Sequoia Behavioral Health

Sequoia Behavioral Health is an individualized residential program aimed at addressing addiction and mental health concerns through a comprehensive approach, holistic therapies and recreational activities.

Viewpoint Dual Recovery

A mental health and substance use treatment center with picturesque desert views and a specialized track for treating schizoaffective conditions.

Purpose Healing Center

Purpose Healing Center presents comprehensive addiction treatment in a serene and lavish environment, focusing on holistic healing.

Fountain Hills Recovery

Fountain Hills Recovery offers private, luxury treatment for adults, executives, and athletes struggling with addiction.

Holdfast Recovery

A center dedicated to Christian addiction treatment, offering holistic outpatient solutions. Tailored programs are available, focusing on veterans and first responders, acknowledging their unique needs.

Illuminate Recovery

Illuminate Recovery provides flexible outpatient addiction treatment along with gender-specific sober living homes.

Aspire Counseling Services – Phoenix

Providing specialized outpatient treatment programs catering to adults and adolescents dealing with substance use disorders, behavioral health issues, and the intricate challenges of co-occurring disorders.

partial hospitalization program in phoenix az

Therapies and Treatments in Partial Hospitalization

The therapies used in Partial Hospitalization are evidence-based and proven to work to help individuals heal from substance abuse.

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Partial Hospitalization Program FAQs

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are an invaluable resource for those struggling with their addiction mental health. 

The programs provide intensive treatment during the day, but allow individuals to still return home in the evening and on weekends. 

This level of care is perfect for those who need more help than traditional outpatient services provide, but don’t require the intense level of care associated with inpatient hospitalization. 

Those who struggle with eating disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and addiction disorders can benefit from PHPs as they provide medical assessment, individualized therapy, group psychoeducation sessions and activities to overcome behavioral issues. 

With such comprehensive treatment plans in place, individuals can learn how to cope better with whatever difficulties they may be facing while still having some freedom and autonomy by having a chance to go back home at night instead of staying at a hospital or facility.

Partial hospitalization programs are designed to provide intensive outpatient treatment to adults who need clinical interventions for mental health issues. 

This type of program offers a structured environment where individuals can attend therapy sessions, learn important coping skills and receive individualized counseling from trained professionals. 

While in the program, participants obtain support from their peers as well as medical staff in order to improve their overall well-being and deal with any underlying issues they may have. 

The goal of the program is to help participants stabilize and transition into less intense forms of care such as outpatient therapy or community support services, so that they could eventually maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own.

After completing a partial hospitalization program for addiction treatment, it can be challenging to transition from the support network of a structured program to reentry into daily life. This requires perseverance and dedication since there is often less support once leaving the treatment facility. Often, PHP programs are followed by lower levels of care such as intensive outpatient or outpatient programs. The road ahead will depend on each individual’s specific recovery goals but typically includes continuing therapy sessions and joining any necessary peer/recovery groups or sober living communities that meet regularly. Living with strong boundaries and routines, as well as a commitment to being active in one’s recovery, is key to long-term success and progress beyond recovery. Although this can feel intimidating, with hard work, dedication, and reliance on peers and support networks, individuals can reclaim their lives and move forward with newfound strength.

Partial hospitalization programs for addiction typically last around 4-7 weeks, depending on individual factors and the level of care needed.

During this program, individuals slowly reintegrate into their community while receiving targeted treatment from a team of specialists.

PHPs seek to create the best environment for recovery success by providing daily therapy, educational classes, and access to peer support to put individuals on the path toward achieving greater recovery goals.

Ongoing support ensures that clients can learn how to manage their symptoms in real-world settings, adding an extra layer of comfort.

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