Social media influence on substance abuse
patient discusses substance abuse issues with therapist or physician
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U.S. Youth Suicide Rate Reaches 20-Year High

The suicide rates for the youth of today have skyrocketed in America over the past few years. More than 6000 teens died in the United States in 2017 due to suicide. This shocking statistic has opened many people’s eyes to the seriousness of…
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The Importance of Service in Recovery

What is Service? Service, simply put, is helping out in a group. In addiction we become so focused on ourselves that we lose the habit of considering what others need. In early sobriety, getting involved in helping others can be critical and…
What to ask and not to ask an addict
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How to Talk to an Addict in Recovery

What to Ask (and Not to Ask) Your Loved One in Recovery Millions of Americans are affected by addiction every year; addiction is a tricky disease, and it doesn’t discriminate, causing heartbreak and hurt for so many families and friends.…
family healing from substance abuse
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Family Recovery for a Family Disease: Healing from Addiction Together

Uniting as a Family to Heal From Substance Abuse Addictions Living in a family with an addict is like trying to navigate an emotional minefield: every word, action or normal interaction takes on an entirely new meaning. One wrong move, and…
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Stress, Isolation and Addiction

The Negative Effects of Stress and Isolation Human beings are social animals; we are designed to live and work with others. Without a community, individuals are prone to stress associated with isolation as the innate need for human connection…