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woman looking into the mirror and smiling
man who is experiencing addiction problems holds up his hand and covers his eyes domestic violence
man considers using meth for weight loss while standing on a weight machine
woman contemplating using study drugs to complete her studies
women feeling triumphant after going through alcohol detox and rehab
people in recovery building a community
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The Importance of Service in Recovery

What is Service? Service, simply put, is helping out in a group. In addiction we become so focused on ourselves that we lose the habit of considering what others need. In early sobriety, getting involved in helping others can be critical and…
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What You Need to Know About 12-Step Recovery Fellowship Conventions

If you are new in recovery, you may be looking for events and activities to fill up your weekends. You may even wonder if you’ll ever find something that’s fun to do without having alcohol or drugs involved. If you already go to 12-step…