suboxone treatment in arizona

Suboxone Treatment in Arizona

Despite Arizona's best efforts, the opioid crisis claims more victims throughout the desert and the nation with each passing year. However, there is a medicine called Suboxone, which compliments traditional narcotic addiction treatment. This…
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can i detox from fentanyl at home

The Devastating Way Heroin Affects the Heart

How does Heroin affect the heart? To answer, Heroin use over long periods affects the heart in a very negative way. Consistently taking any form of Heroin will cause your body to go through many negative changes, and the heart is no exception.…
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Addiction to Meth and Fentanyl [A Guide to Recovery]

Are you suffering from an addiction to meth and Fentanyl? We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone.Meth and Fentanyl are becoming a common drug of choice combination in the United States. There are reasons for this increase in use, mainly…