10 Ways You Get Your Life Back After Quitting Meth

An addiction to Methamphetamine can lead to a series of hardships and struggles. Going to rehab for meth is a life-altering decision. However, rehab and recovery from meth addiction have been proven to improve many aspects of a person’s…
your life matters
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Dual Addiction: Meth in the Morning, Heroin at Night

Table of Contents The Dual Addiction of Meth and Heroin: Kim’s StoryIf it is hard to live with one addiction and it is even worse when you have dual addiction to substances. Kim, 47, started out just like many people who abuse drugs.…
barely working lightbulb lit up in the dark to represent the potential darkness to come with the meth epidemic

Meth and Long-term Effects of the New Epidemic

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woman holds her chest after consuming methamphetamine

Can Meth Cause Heart Failure? The Shocking Truth

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your life matters

Addiction to Meth and Fentanyl [A Guide to Recovery]

Are you suffering from an addiction to meth and Fentanyl? We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone.Meth and Fentanyl are becoming a common drug of choice combination in the United States. There are reasons for this increase in use, mainly…