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Dual Addiction: Meth in the Morning, Heroin at Night

It is very common for people to use drugs as some point in life. Prescribed drugs can be used with some level of safety if you take them as prescribed, but the danger of abuse always exists. If you self-medicate or use illegal drugs, then,…
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What is Purple Heroin?

It’s fair to say that most people know that heroin is not only a drug, but a dangerous- highly addictive drug. When the news and social media platforms begin to alert the public with announcements warning people of a deadly strand of heroin,…
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Opioid Epidemic: The Wave of Fentanyl Overdoses

The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis that has affected millions of people across the nation. Opioids are a highly-addictive class of drugs that are meant to relieve severe pain. Opioids include heroin, an illegal drug, and synthetic…