Surefire Signs Your Loved One is Abusing Opioids [Fentanyl, Heroin]

Opioid abuse has many well-known adverse effects. But how can you tell if someone using opioids? how can you tell if someone is using heroin or fentanyl?The consequences of opioid use are serious and often lead to intense physical dependence.…
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Dual Addiction: Meth in the Morning, Heroin at Night

Table of Contents The Dual Addiction of Meth and Heroin: Kim’s StoryIf it is hard to live with one addiction and it is even worse when you have dual addiction to substances. Kim, 47, started out just like many people who abuse drugs.…
can i detox from fentanyl at home

What is Purple Heroin?

It’s fair to say that most people know that heroin is not only a drug, but a dangerous- highly addictive drug. When the news and social media platforms begin to alert the public with announcements warning people of a deadly strand of heroin,…
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can i detox from fentanyl at home

The Devastating Way Heroin Affects the Heart

How does Heroin affect the heart? To answer, Heroin use over long periods affects the heart in a very negative way. Consistently taking any form of Heroin will cause your body to go through many negative changes, and the heart is no exception.…