doctor checks patient for symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy

What is Alcoholic Neuropathy? [Guide]

Alcoholic neuropathy is nerve damage that occurs in someone who drinks alcohol excessively. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with alcoholic neuropathy, we’ve got the answers you need.Treatment is available for this condition,…
recovery road sign

4 The Biggest Benefits of Sobriety

What are the benefits of sobriety? It's clear that when you stop drinking alcohol, your life changes for the better, but sometimes the drastic changes you can expect may not be that obvious.
an example of brain neuro pathways

How Alcohol Affects Critical Thinking

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cbd and addiction

Can CBD Help Overcome Addiction?

Can CBD help addiction? There is a lot of buzz around CBD oil and its potential benefits for addiction recovery. Can CBD make a difference when it comes to overcoming addiction?
woman working out getting healthy

Does Cocaine Lower Immune System Response?

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pupils eyes meth

What Does a Methamphetamine Overdose Look Like?

A meth overdose is a definite possibility with continued chronic abuse. Methamphetamine is a psychomotor stimulant, meaning it stimulates a person’s central nervous system (CNS).CNS stimulation causes a person’s physical and mental processes…
man tells his boss that he's struggling with addiction to drug and alcohol
woman holds her chest after consuming methamphetamine

Can Meth Cause Heart Failure? The Shocking Truth

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cross stitched heart organ to represent the heart and how cocaine effects it cocaine heart attack
empty cups to represent excessive alcohol consumption