women feeling triumphant after going through alcohol detox and rehab
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Domestic Abuse and Substance Abuse: The Connection

Domestic violence refers to any behaviors that are used to control, manipulate and gain power over an intimate partner. The different types of abuse include physical, emotional, verbal, mental and financial. Each poses its own danger and are…
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The Importance of Service in Recovery

What is Service? Service, simply put, is helping out in a group. In addiction we become so focused on ourselves that we lose the habit of considering what others need. In early sobriety, getting involved in helping others can be critical and…
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What You Need to Know About 12-Step Recovery Fellowship Conventions

If you are new in recovery, you may be looking for events and activities to fill up your weekends. You may even wonder if you’ll ever find something that’s fun to do without having alcohol or drugs involved. If you already go to 12-step…

Continued Self-care in Recovery: Animal Therapy: Being a Sober Dog Owner

What is Animal Therapy? Animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, is connected to health benefits such as pain reduction, anxiety, and depression. Individuals who find healing and happiness with therapeutic animals include people suffering from substance…
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When You Enter Recovery but Your Significant Other is Still Using

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do.” -Brene Brown Recovery is the ground that you build yourself up from after you've torn yourself down. It goes far beyond getting clean…
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Top 3 reasons to be JAHCO accredited

At A Better Today, we understand the importance of substance abuse treatment centers that continuously strive to grow and offer the best care possible. Out of the 13,339 addiction treatment centers that responded to the National Survey of Substance…
couple in recovery sitting together to resemble their closeness but one is experiencing a relapse on drugs and alcohol
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Top 5 Ways to Overcome Grief in Recovery

Stay Healthy Grief is something that no one gets out of life without feeling; it’s a natural response to a devastating loss, whether it be a death in the family, or the ending of a valued relationship. Things can be more complicated for an…