woman looking into the mirror and smiling
women feeling triumphant after going through alcohol detox and rehab
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Top 3 reasons to be JAHCO accredited

At A Better Today, we understand the importance of substance abuse treatment centers that continuously strive to grow and offer the best care possible. Out of the 13,339 addiction treatment centers that responded to the National Survey of Substance…
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Stress, Isolation and Addiction

The Negative Effects of Stress and Isolation Human beings are social animals; we are designed to live and work with others. Without a community, individuals are prone to stress associated with isolation as the innate need for human connection…
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Preparing to Welcome Home a Recovered Loved One

Receiving a loved one home from treatment can be a confusing time for the individual in early recovery and his or her loved ones. The love and support of friends and family members significantly enhance the potential for long-term abstinence…
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Commonly Abused Drugs Across Age Groups

Most Commonly Abused Drugs In each age group, there are certain drugs that are more likely to abused. The reasons for this vary, but most are associated with what is available to that specific age group, the specific influences that are around…