pupils eyes meth
man getting ready to go to work after spending the evening drinking heavily
parent holding their childs hand to represent the relationship between parent and child
woman contemplating using study drugs to complete her studies
Beginning the Journey_ Detox vs. Cold Turkey
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Beginning the Journey: Detox vs. Cold Turkey

If you are ready to finally get off drugs for good, the road to recovery you choose can make the battle for sobriety even more difficult. You can choose to detox in a professional facility or try to go cold turkey to gain freedom from your addiction.…
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Cycle of Substance Abuse Addictions: Active Addiction to Recovery

When did this happen? When we first realize we, or someone we love, has an addiction, it’s one of the first questions that pops into our minds. While you may never be able to answer this question specifically, understanding the cycles of addiction…
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Children & Substance Abuse: Teaching Destructive Coping Mechanisms

Children of substance abusers typically find themselves in an abnormal role in the family. Many times older children sacrifice a normal childhood to take care of younger siblings. Shy, quieter children retreat into themselves to avoid negative…