family members put hands in together as if they are a team
teen sitting down on bench
man sitting on a couch looking at a bag sitting next to him to represent a loved one stealing from you for drugs
parent holding their childs hand to represent the relationship between parent and child
women feeling triumphant after going through alcohol detox and rehab
Beginning the Journey_ Detox vs. Cold Turkey
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Beginning the Journey: Detox vs. Cold Turkey

If you are ready to finally get off drugs for good, the road to recovery you choose can make the battle for sobriety even more difficult. You can choose to detox in a professional facility or try to go cold turkey to gain freedom from your addiction.…

Growing up With an Addicted Parent

History has shown evidence of various ailments that have wiped out huge numbers of the population, from measles to consumption to tuberculosis. Modern medicine has made huge strides to beat these diseases and ensure that humans no longer die…

Tips to Help Cope with an Addicted Loved One

People in the grasp of active addiction can be intolerable. From mood swings to a mindset that blames anything and everything for their using except themselves, being around an active addict can make anyone want to lose their mind. Torn between…