a picture of a road to symbolize the journey to addiction recovery

Does Relapse Have to be a Part of Your Journey in Recovery?

Everybody fears something, whether it’s the monster under the bed, thunderstorms, or getting fired from a job. If you’re in recovery, you probably fear relapse. It’s a logical fear.
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two women sit together and work on the 12 steps

How to Find a Sponsor in a 12 Step Program [Guide]

If you’re in early recovery and want to know how to find a sponsor, we’ve created this educational resource and guide for you. Walking into your first 12-step meeting can provoke anxiety; it’s an entirely different world. You’re learning…
woman walks along the beach to consider what her life will be like after drug and alcohol rehab
a man contemplates having another drink even though he is in recovery this represents the question of can an alcoholic ever drink again

Is it Okay for Alcoholics to Try Drinking in Moderation?

Can an alcoholic ever drink again? It’s a question many people have grappled with. Can an alcoholic ever just drink one drink?Can an alcoholic drink in moderation? The truth is that if you know you have a problem, drinking is never in the…