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Hardest 12 Steps to Complete: Relapse Prevention

There are many people who see addiction as something that is never under their control. They spend their lives with vices that break down their minds, bodies and personal relationships. Some don't even think they have a problem, nor do they…
Does the 12 step program really work
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What are 12 Step Program and Do They Really Work?

Putting your active addiction behind you is a serious life-changing decision, and it can be difficult to know what road to recovery is right for you. Everyone is different. Some pray to God for strength to overcome cravings and some need more…

Finding My Recovery Path in The 12 Steps

Keeping 12 Steps Between Myself and the Next Drink Struggling with alcoholism is nothing new in society. Ever since humankind has inhabited this planet, we have abused substances that remove us from the reality of the world. For some, this…