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Lifestyle Changes in Recovery: Changing One’s Mindset

The Mindset of Active Addiction vs the Mindset in Recovery

The inner landscape of the mind during active addiction can be a scary place. Over time, addiction can completely distort the way you perceive and think about the world around you.

Addiction leads to a mindset of hurt, mistrust, and sometimes, full-blown paranoia; an addiction mindset can make it seem like everyone around you is against you and out to get you. An addiction mindset can slowly change you and those who knew you before your active addiction may lament over how much you have changed. The people you love, you end up pushing away.

The addiction mindset can also certainly prevent you from seeking out the help you need, as you tell yourself lies such as, “rehab won’t work for me,” or “I will never be able to quit.” One of the most important components of recovery is learning to challenge this thinking and rewire your thoughts to a place that is healthy and hopeful. It is about tearing down the lies and flooding yourself only with love and truth.

A recovery mindset is one of positivity, optimism, and hope for the future. Cultivating a positive mindset takes time, dedication, and commitment, but it can transform your life and bolster your recovery.

How a Positive Mindset Can Improve Your Life

You may be wondering how a positive mindset can make a difference. The answer is that a positive mindset can transform your life by helping you not only remain resilient during your recovery, but by helping you stay positive and rise to challenges in life. Positive thoughts can lower your level of depression, and help you believe in yourself enough to accomplish your goals. You have heard the saying, “whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right!”  This is because thoughts are generated from our beliefs about ourselves, and they later come to influence our actions.

When you change your attitudes and beliefs towards yourself to reflect the truth, that you are a unique, amazing and talented person with a bright future, then your thoughts will reflect those beliefs about yourself. The people around you will notice your newfound positive attitude and it can encourage them to be more supportive as well.

Additionally, it has been proven that positive thinking can even have health benefits such as strengthened immunity, increased energy and reducing the impact of stress and anxiety. The benefits that positive thinking can have on your life and your recovery are endless.

How You Can Change Your Mindset

Drug and alcohol treatment is possibly one of the best places to begin shifting your thought process. It’s a place where you can devote yourself to learning all that you can and dive in head first in all the groups, therapies and activities that are offered. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most proven and effective therapies when it comes to getting rid of negative and self-destructive thought patterns and is offered during treatment.

Overall, the shift in your mental state will begin when you start identifying the negative and self-destructive thought patterns. Even outside of treatment, individual therapy sessions are a perfect place to begin sorting through those distorted patterns. Your therapist may be able to identify thought patterns and beliefs that you perhaps are unaware of.

Furthermore, you can begin to shift your thought patterns by practicing mindfulness exercises or meditation. The most important thing to remember is to seek help from those around you and be patient with yourself. Learning new ways of thinking, coping and handling life takes time, but the end results are worth it and will help you start on the track to a new fulfilling life.

In the End, It’s the Thought That Counts

Our thoughts can either help us or hinder us; our thoughts can invoke feelings of happiness or lead us into feelings of deep despair. Your thoughts truly do determine and influence your actions, and even if you do not act on some of your thoughts, it determines your perception of the world around you. Hopefully, over time, as your thought process begins to change you will realize, it really is the thought that counts.

Remember the benefits of keeping your thoughts in check and cultivating positive beliefs and attitudes about yourself and life will revolutionize your perception of the world around you. With a healthy and positive thought life, you can rise to the challenges and obstacles in life and overcome even the toughest trials.

Life will always have its ups and downs, but your outside circumstances don’t have to measure and dictate the way you feel inside. When you take control of your mindset, it can open a whole new way of living life. You can see things with fresh eyes and accomplish things that you never thought possible.