This Grieving Family of an Addict Has a Message

Steffen lived through some tragic adversities as a child growing up. Although his family loved him, he felt alone in dealing with his pain. The hardship of his mental illness, bipolar disorder was also difficult to carry. He became addicted to heroin. Hear this message from the grieving family of an addict.

Steffen went to counseling and tried medication. But the medication made him feel like “a zombie.” So, he stopped taking it and turned to drugs and alcohol for relief.

Steffen grew up, got married, and had three children. But he was also nursing a severe heroin addiction throughout these years. Soon the addiction got in the way of his ability to be a husband and father.

Although he finally found his way to addiction treatment, the journey wasn’t easy. However, he left the treatment center with hope in recovery and with new lifelong friends and family.

Upon returning home, he relapsed. The small amount of heroin he took had an adverse interaction with the new medications he was on for bipolar disorder. Three days after he returned home from the treatment center, he died of a heroin overdose.

“I walked into his room to find him unresponsive,” recalls his mother. “I knew when I saw his face that I lost my oldest son.” She doesn’t want her son’s death to be in vain. Steffen’s mother shares, “If we [Steffen’s family] could save one person through our devastation, that’s our number one goal here.”

A Message from the Grieving Family of an Addict

Their advice to anyone currently struggling with a substance addiction is to “surround yourself with positive people. People who care and love you.”

“You are worth it,” she continues. “Embrace your success. Be proud of yourselves. Even though we don’t know you, we think you’re worth it.” She ends with a profound message of hope.

“And I have endured this pain totally sober. So, if I can do this, we can do this,” she says with her family by her side, “then you guys can endure anything that comes your way.”

“Just please take care of yourselves and do what you need to do.” This grieving mom certainly knows the agony of losing her child. She wants to save other moms from having to know it, too.

You’re not alone. Addiction treatment does work. If you or someone you care about needs help with substance abuse, call A Better Today Recovery Services. We’ll connect you with a treatment center that will help you find your way out and show you how to build a meaningful, joyous life in recovery.

Families with loved ones in active addiction must also do their research. Learn about addiction myths that may be preventing them from getting their loved one the help they so desperately need.