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Navigating AHCCCS coverage in Arizona can be difficult. If you are looking for an AHCCCS drug rehab in Scottsdale, sorting through the plethora of options you have at your disposal can become overwhelming. While there is no escaping the complexity of the system, it is a priority that you find a treatment and that it is covered. Here we will discuss the importance of treatment, the AHCCCS available to you, and what you should know about them.  

Addiction is a devastating disease that impacts every aspect of a person’s life. Deciding to embark on treatment takes a massive amount of courage and discipline. Treatment can help you start to feel like yourself again and undo the behaviors addiction created.  Here at A Better Today Recovery Services, we want to help simplify the process Give us a call today at 1-888-906-0952. We have a network of AHCCCS treatment providers that can get you the help you deserve and discuss your options.   

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Why Addiction Treatment is so Important 

First, you want to truly internalize how important treatment is as you look into AHCCCS drug rehab in Scottsdale. Addiction is something you cannot overcome alone. It impacts you, your loved ones, and your community. Rehab can help you dig into the underlying issues that led the way to your addiction. The healing you will gain in treatment goes far beyond recovering from the addiction. You will leave treatment with a toolbox you can apply to various difficult situations life throws at us. Another benefit is that many treatment options encourage and allow the whole family to participate. Rehab allows you to strengthen your support system and come out with a more happy, healthy, and productive life.  

Another reason to prioritize treatment is that it helps you prioritize your health. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day necessities. Fortunately, while in rehab, you have no choice but to place the focus back on your health. So even as you continue to work you will have that reminder to truly pay attention to your body and take care of yourself.  

One of the other greatest benefits to treatment is the ongoing support it provides. When you enter rehab, you build a network of people that have your back even after you have completed treatment. As you likely know, addiction is a journey with a lot of twists and turns. The support you gain from treatment can help you navigate the highs and lows on the path to recovery. Now, let’s look at how AHCCCS can provide you with free access to treatments, counseling, and emergency services.  

Services AHCCCS Provides 

There are a lot of services covered with your AHCCCS plan. This health plan provides you with care based on your zip code. This connects you to the hospitals, doctors, and specialists that can address your health concerns. AHCCCS provides services for most medical needs ranging from simple checkups to dialysis. They can provide transportation, cover surgery, and they even offer family planning services.  

When searching for an AHCCCS drug rehab in Scottsdale, you should familiarize yourself with the behavioral services AHCCCS offers. These behavioral services include but are not limited to 

  • Crisis Services will allow you to access a variety of quick resources. These services are available over the phone or in the office. They also include urgent care treatments.  
  • Rehabilitation Services such as living skills, cognitive rehabilitation, supported employment, and education support 
  • Health Promotion includes prevention, education, medication education, and standardized training. It allows you to learn about wellness, relapse and symptom management, stress management, and even parenting skills if addiction has impacted your family. 
  • Residential Behavioral Health Services 
  • Support Services including case management, personal assistance, family & peer support, therapeutic foster care, respite, housing support, interpreter services, transportation, assistance accessing community resources, and locating and applying for benefits. 
  • Treatment Services offered are counseling, consultation, assessment, and specialized testing, and substance abuse treatment. 

Accessing AHCCCSS Drug Rehab in Scottsdale 

Some addictions are more dangerous than others.  For example, opioid addiction detox should always be done under medical supervision.  Additionally, opioid treatment programs help you manage the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal through medication. You will also have access to a range of social support services, including counseling, peer support, and case management 

AHCCCS offers Complete Care Medicaid plans (ACC) in Maricopa County through providers such as Banner University Family Care, Care 1st, Health Choice Arizona, Arizona Complete Health, Magellan Complete Care, Mercy Care, and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. 

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To find AHCCCS opioid use disorder treatment or other substances in Scottsdale, you can contact us here. We can provide information on specific rehab centers in the Scottsdale area and answer any of your questions on what AHCCCS covers.  

AHCCCS Managed Plans 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the plans you can take advantage of to get AHCCCS drug rehab in Scottsdale.  

Banner-University Family Care 

Banner-University Family Care offers a few great services, especially for individuals looking for addiction treatment. One of their major resources is comprehensive behavioral health services. Behavioral health services help manage mental health issues like loss, trauma, or depression. Furthermore, your primary care provider can prescribe medications to treat conditions related to addiction and mental health. Through this plan, you are also covered should you suffer a behavior health emergency. A behavior health emergency is any situation in which you feel you have lost touch with reality or that you may do harm to yourself or others.  

Care 1st Health Plan 

Another AHCCCS drug rehab in Scottsdale can be found through Care1st. Care1st of Arizona offers free substance abuse treatment options. They also offer support for behavioral health issues. You can find a full directory of providers that work with Care1st here.

Health Choice Arizona 

Perhaps you need AHCCCS alcohol treatment near Scottsdale? Well Health Choice Arizona has many services available to help you with drug or alcohol misuse. Their services include: 

  • Counseling 
  • Behavior management  
  • Inpatient services, including detoxification  
  • Medication services 
  • Emergency and non-emergency transportation  
  • Emergency or crisis services
  • Employment support   

However, this is only a shortlist of the wide range of social services offered to individuals on this plan. For a full list of providers that work with this plan, you can check here.

Arizona Complete Health 

Arizona Complete Health is another plan that covers you for behavioral services. Services under this plan that you may find helpful include: 

  • Opioid agonist treatment, a medication-based treatment to help eliminate opioid cravings  
  • Substance use counseling 
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Medication management

Magellan Complete Care 

Magellan Complete Care is a managed care program that works with doctors in addition to providers. Potential services covered on this plan include but are not limited to:  

  • Residential treatment center  
  • Behavioral health residential facility
  • Supervised behavioral health treatment 
  • Therapeutic behavioral health services 
  • Community psychiatric supportive treatment

Mercy Care 

Another health plan available to Arizona residents is Mercy Care. This is a non-profit plan offering care to adults, children, and seniorsIf you are dealing with substance abuse or mental health concerns, you can find coverage with Mercy Care by speaking to one of their representatives. Services they provide include:  

  • Behavioral services to manage symptoms through the use of counseling 
  • Emergency services 
  • Residential treatment 

United Healthcare Community Plan 

Under this plan, you will cover issues concerning hospitalizationmedication, and mental health issues. If you struggle with substance abuse, you can rest assured the United Healthcare Community Plan covers the help you need. In addition, they let you choose your doctor, provide transportation, and prioritize preventative care. 

The American Indian Health Program 

Arizona also offers a program specifically for those of American Indian or Alaska Native descent. The American Indian Health Program pays for its members 

  • Emergency care 
  • Emergency transportation 
  • Preventative care  
  • Rehabilitative services  

Of course, this is only a small list of the great offerings this plan provides. Under this plan, you can receive treatment at no cost for substance abuse issues.  

With so many coverage options, it may feel overwhelming. We can guide you through the process. 

A Brief History of AHCCSS 

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) was established in 1982 and serves as Arizona’s Medicaid program. Both the state and local governments fund this program to help families that are at a certain income level. This $14 billion program provides integrated health care services to 1.9 million Arizona residents. As a member, you also have rights to your healthcare being private and you have the right to address any issues you may find with the program.  

Even with its complexities, AHCCCS was established for a great purpose. According to AHCCCS, their mission is, “reaching across Arizona to provide comprehensive, quality health care to those in need.” Their mission is carried out through the many services they offer, such as opioid treatment, all across the state of Arizona. Being confident that your health care needs are met is an integral part of your road to recovery. Fortunately, AHCCCS has a wide range of services to provide you the help and security you deserve.  

Get AHCCCS Drug Rehab in Scottsdale

As you have learned, there are various plans available to help treat any issues you may have related to addiction. The plans under AHCCCS offer everything from checkups to emergency care. You can rest assured that no matter which plan you choose you have an option for substance abuse treatment, whether residential or outpatient. Now that you understand the plan options, are you ready to take the next step? We can help you locate an AHCCCS drug rehab in Scottsdale today. Our carefully crafted directory can get you connected to the right provider. Additionally, if you have more questions about the process, we can help answer those, tooRemember, this is not a process you have to figure out. Contact us today to find the care you deserve.  

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