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Psychology of Addictive Behaviors: 6 Addictive Behaviors in Society

Behavioral Addiction: What Is Addictive Behaviors and How Does It Work? Most people might not know what behavioral addiction is or they don’t really qualify it as a real addiction. They might even think these people can control their actions…
War on drugs history
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What is the War on Drugs and Did it Succeed?

From the early 19th century to the present day, America’s relationship with drug use has been through a rollercoaster of events. Despite America’s constant efforts to diminish the use of drugs throughout the nation, almost 200,000 prisoners…
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The Importance of Service in Recovery

What is Service? Service, simply put, is helping out in a group. In addiction we become so focused on ourselves that we lose the habit of considering what others need. In early sobriety, getting involved in helping others can be critical and…
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What You Need to Know About 12-Step Recovery Fellowship Conventions

If you are new in recovery, you may be looking for events and activities to fill up your weekends. You may even wonder if you’ll ever find something that’s fun to do without having alcohol or drugs involved. If you already go to 12-step…
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Top 3 reasons to be JAHCO accredited

At A Better Today, we understand the importance of substance abuse treatment centers that continuously strive to grow and offer the best care possible. Out of the 13,339 addiction treatment centers that responded to the National Survey of Substance…
couple in recovery sitting together to resemble their closeness but one is experiencing a relapse on drugs and alcohol
What to ask and not to ask an addict
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How to Talk to an Addict in Recovery

What to Ask (and Not to Ask) Your Loved One in Recovery Millions of Americans are affected by addiction every year; addiction is a tricky disease, and it doesn’t discriminate, causing heartbreak and hurt for so many families and friends.…
family healing from substance abuse
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Family Recovery for a Family Disease: Healing from Addiction Together

Uniting as a Family to Heal From Substance Abuse Addictions Living in a family with an addict is like trying to navigate an emotional minefield: every word, action or normal interaction takes on an entirely new meaning. One wrong move, and…
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Preparing to Welcome Home a Recovered Loved One

Receiving a loved one home from treatment can be a confusing time for the individual in early recovery and his or her loved ones. The love and support of friends and family members significantly enhance the potential for long-term abstinence…
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How to Reach Out for Help with Addiction

How to Know if I’m Addicted The fact that you are on this page now, searching for information on this topic, is a sure sign that in some shape or form, addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is affecting your life in a negative way. At the beginning…