woman and child welcomes home her husband from rehab
man and woman deal with a codependent relationship affected by addiction
a photo of a man leaving rehab early with his suitcase walking down the side of the road
woman thinks about how she can help her parents who are addicted to heroin
living with an addicted family member

What is it Like to Live with a Drug Addicted Family Member?

There may be nothing more stressful than living with an addicted family member. It doesn't matter what drug they are addicted to. While the drugs they use may be different from family to family, their behaviors are very similar.
As a Loved One, Where Can I Get Help?
Beginning the Journey_ Detox vs. Cold Turkey
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Beginning the Journey: Detox vs. Cold Turkey

If you are ready to finally get off drugs for good, the road to recovery you choose can make the battle for sobriety even more difficult. You can choose to detox in a professional facility or try to go cold turkey to gain freedom from your addiction.…