Child and teen drug addiction
parent holding their childs hand to represent the relationship between parent and child
a child looking out of a window longingly to conceptualize the feelings that come with childhood trauma that leads to addiction
teen overdose deaths on the rise talking to your teens

Teen opioid overdose deaths rising

In our society, teens seem invincible. But drugs are killing teens just as they are on the precipice of truly beginning their lives.  The tragedy is that while illegal drug use is down, teen opioid overdose deaths are increasing. For a while…
teen overdose deaths on the rise talking to your teens

4 Ways to Help Children Understand Addiction

Your children are not spared from everyday challenges that expose people to dangers of substance use and abuse. If you are waiting to make your children understand addiction in late teens, it could be too late. According to the National Institute…
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Stress, Isolation and Addiction

The Negative Effects of Stress and Isolation Human beings are social animals; we are designed to live and work with others. Without a community, individuals are prone to stress associated with isolation as the innate need for human connection…
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How to Talk to Your Children About Your Addiction Recovery

Why It’s Important to Talk to Your Kids About Your Recovery If you are a parent that is in recovery, you may wonder just how much your addiction has affected your children. It is understandable that approaching the subject of addiction and…
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Society and Substance Abuse: Nature vs Nurture

The Nature vs Nurture Argument and Substance Abuse The debate between nature and nurture goes back as far as the dawn of time. As long as humans have been curious, debates about the origin or cause of such problems as substance abuse have existed. And…