a woman meditates inside a safe place and maintains her sobriety throughout corona virus quarantine

Another aspect of the coronavirus outbreak is an indefinite period of self-quarantine. The Arizona government has enacted a stay-at-home order and advised all non-essential personnel to stay home and work remotely if possible. You shouldn’t leave your house unless you have to. Obviously, quick grocery runs are fine, but long social gatherings with others must be minimized. This is an essential step that can save lives and slow the spread of Coronavirus. However, it doesn’t make life easy for those who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Still with adequate preparation, you can stay sober during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Dealing With Isolation

Isolation is challenging for most in recovery. It’s usually also a contributing factor to addiction in the first place. Preparing yourself in advance is the responsible thing to do to safeguard your recovery. Support and being accountable are the pillars of recovery. You’ll hear this a lot in the rooms of recovery meetings. There are ways to make your time at home more comfortable, rather than making you more stressed or alone.

Staying Sober through the Coronavirus Quarantine

Listen to Recovery Speakers

Listen to a recovery speaker online. There are a plethora of recordings and guest blogs of those that have been through treatment and recovery. Inspiration is easy to find online and a lot of the time you can connect directly with the speaker. This helps to continue to hear the experience, strength, and hope of others. You can hear from those who have gained knowledge and wisdom through their recovery process. Who knows, you might relate to some of the stories that you hear. This can help with staying sober through the Coronavirus quarantine.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with important people in your life. Whether you’re dialing in to a remote NA meeting or catching up with your sponsor, keep those good influences around in the days ahead. Try to be intentional about calling relatives or friends to check-in; you’ll get some social interaction, and they’ll know that you’re okay. Checking up on others in recovery during this time can be very beneficial.

Online Recovery Meetings

One of the good things about those in recovery is resilience. As soon as the Coronavirus hit, recovery communities raced to figure out an alternative way to continue to spread the message and be of service. You can stay connected using this AA online meeting resource. You’ll want to select current or upcoming meetings to be a part of. If you don’t have to speak, but it’s always good to share. In recovery, it’s important to not keep our feelings and thoughts bottled up. At least you know you’re in an online recovery meeting where people understand you.

Another good option for a meeting is the 6’oclock Rush Hour Group of AA. You can join the meeting here at 6 pm every weekday. You can also join the SMART Recovery online community if the 12-Steps aren’t your thing.

Stay Active

We also encourage staying active. Create a list of activities to entertain yourself. There’s so much we can do in this time of isolation. You can learn how to play a new instrument, clean the house, or learn a new recipe! It’s essential that you keep yourself occupied to avoid getting trapped in your head during the quarantine.

According to the stay-at-home order hiking, walking, running, biking, and golfing are not prohibited activities. If you do choose to go out and stay active doing these sports, it’s essential that you do so in small groups and use precaution.

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The days ahead are uncertain, which means that you may find yourself in an unprecedented situation in your recovery. If you’re in early recovery this can feel intimidating. Take the time to call and talk to your support systems such as your therapist or sponsor. Reach out to those you trust and talk to them about how you feel.

Staying sober through the coronavirus is possible and we believe in you. How do you stay active during the quarantine? Share with us below in the comments!

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