ABTRS Awarded With Veteran-Led Business Award By Google

Have you ever wanted to make a difference after serving your country? Some people take a while to realize what they want to do after they become civilians again. However, some veterans discover they can give back not only to the community but to other veterans. Read on to learn more about how ABTRS won the Veteran-Led Business Award from Google and how one veteran’s substance abuse battle led him to help others.

What’s the Veteran-Led Business Award?

Have you heard of the veteran-led business award? Google awards it to those who’ve started a small business run or owned by veterans. This award goes to those who’ve been great at hiring veterans or military spouses, supported charities, and gave back to their community. Google honored ABTRS with the Veteran-Led Business Award. ABTRS’ very own Corey Peterson has helped them earn this award by helping fellow veterans.

Corey Peterson’s Story of Hope

Corey Peterson has been a part of ABTRS for over 9 years. He struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, PTSD, and attempted suicide, and now he’s found meaning and purpose through his work at ABTRS. As the Director of Admissions, he can help other people who are still struggling with similar issues after serving their country.

Peterson also wants to let veterans know there are still people in the world who care about them and understand the sacrifices they’ve had to make to fight for their country even when life seems hopeless. He has not only gone through his hard journey of substance abuse and PTSD but he’s come out of it and helped other veterans and civilians get their lives back on track. He will continue to fight for his sobriety and those who ask for help.

Substance Abuse Among Veterans

Getting hurt or seeing the horrific elements of war can damage the body and mind. It makes people seek other ways of easing the torment they are experiencing every day. For some, this means turning to alcohol and drugs to cope. However, this can escalate to where they can’t stop taking their drug of choice until it becomes a disease.

According to the National Center for PTSD, about 27% of veterans in VA care who have PTSD also suffer from a substance use disorder. It can also be said that 1 out of 4 veterans diagnosed with PTSD can also suffer from some substance use disorder. It’s because those with PTSD often seek drugs or alcohol to soothe the pain or frustration with their PTSD. They might think that numbing themselves is the only answer, leading to becoming addicted to these drugs.

People can’t overcome their substance abuse without maintaining their PTSD and any other mental health issues they might have. However, ABTRS is dedicated to helping veterans by treating PTSD and their substance use disorder simultaneously.

There’s always hope for veterans dealing with substance abuse or other mental health disorders after returning to civilian life. Veterans don’t have to suffer alone or think there’s no hope for them to regain the life they once had. There’s always a way to fight through this disease by asking for professional help. No one should give up the fight because ABTRS is here to help veterans and others get sober once more.