10000beds_HEADERA Better Today was honored to accept the Life Saving Partners award for our selfless contribution to the addicted community from the nonprofit organization 10,000 Beds. In this day and age, those who practice sustainable business development have trouble rationalizing their services to nonprofit organization for free.
A Better Today Recovery Services has always found a place for 10,000 Beds in our rigorous business planning because our core principles are to save lives, and heal families. The moment we met Jean Krisle, Founder & CEO of 10,000 Beds, at the Lifestyle Intervention Convention, A Better Today knew that we would be lifelong partners in helping those still struggling with addiction find affordable treatment.

“From the beginning, ABTRS has supported our vision and stepped up in a big way, always going above and beyond. In 2016, we’ve awarded more than $250,000 in treatment scholarships, ABTRS’ involvement was key to this accomplishment,” said 10,000 Beds Founder and CEO Jean Krisle.

We know that we cannot help everyone struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction alone, partnering with an organization that is ethical and dedicated to helping addicts find treatment like Jean Krisle’s 10,000 Beds organization is a step in the right direction.
The CEO of A Better Today Charles Anderson stated, “The most important thing is helping people get the treatment they need. All too often people are going without treatment due to a lack of insurance coverage or the expense associated with getting the treatment they need and deserve. We want to do our part in making sure that treatment is available to those who need it.”
Knowing that 50,000 infants are born with health problems due to prenatal cocaine use yearly inspires A Better Today to go the extra mile in helping the addicted community. Living in a world where emergency room admissions for prescription drug abuse has risen over 130 percent in the last five years demonstrating the need for organizations like A Better Today and 10,000 Beds.

What is the 10,000 Beds Organization?

The 10,000 Beds nonprofit organization is filled with parents, friends, family, and individuals fighting to make a difference in the addicted community by providing scholarships to those caught in the midst of active addiction and cannot find the funding for their life changing treatment.

This organization is just as ambitious as A Better Today with a goal to award 10,000 scholarship treatment beds by 2020. They will continue to search for ethical, dedicated, and passionate partners with quality treatment programs who are willing to sponsor one or more beds for treatment each year.
This organization functions entirely off of donations from like-minded businesses who also see the importance in combating alcohol and drug abuse and helping those struggling find treatment for a brighter more positive future.

A Better Today has a goal of becoming the industry leading substance abuse treatment center. We want to set the bar high by providing evidence based treatment methods proven to be effective, a safe and comfortable environment to get their life back on track, and offer genuinely caring staff all at an affordable cost.