4 Things That Make the Phoenix Recovery Community so Amazing

There’s not a city in America untouched by addiction. The statistics are grim: Drug overdose is the leading cause of death for Americans under age 50, the Drug Policy Alliance reports, and one in eight American adults is an alcoholic, according to the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.

In fact, your odds of dying from an opioid overdose are greater than dying in a car crash, the National Safety Council reports.

There is good news — amid all this tragedy in towns big and small, there are also thriving communities of people recovering from addiction. And perhaps nowhere is the recovery scene more robust than in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I’ve experienced recovery in a few different states, and there is no comparison to recovery in Phoenix,” says recovered alcoholic Tracey B. “Phoenix offers the best opportunities for those who desire sobriety. We’ve got big, strong fellowships filled with people who want to use their experience to help other alcoholics and addicts. I wouldn’t want to be sober anywhere else.”

What makes the Phoenix recovery scene so awesome?

We have four excellent reasons why you should get sober in the Valley of the Sun.

1. Lots of Treatment Options

There are dozens of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix and the surrounding towns. Treatment centers in Arizona must be licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and meet their strict guidelines for operation.

“One of the things that make treatment centers in Phoenix so fantastic is that overwhelmingly, the staff are in recovery themselves,” says Jennifer Finnegan, a group facilitator for A Better Today Recovery Services. “We understand the recovery journey because we’ve been there ourselves. We focus on helping clients heal from the issues behind their addiction — codependency, lack of boundaries, fear, trauma — and we introduce them to new coping skills, so they can find joy again in day-to-day life.”

If you want help for addiction, you can find it in Phoenix.

2. Many Recovery Fellowships

Peer-based support is vital to recovery. In many parts of the country, it’s not unusual for people to only have access to one or two of the larger 12-step fellowships. Phoenix, however, is home to a preponderance of groups and support systems — we literally have something for everyone:

“The Phoenix recovery scene is so diverse,” says James P., a recovered addict from west Phoenix. “It doesn’t matter which fellowship you go to, people are welcoming. There are plenty of meetings all across the Valley, day and night. Find the ones you like and hook up with those people — they can help you stay accountable.”

Bobby B., a recovered addict from central Phoenix, agrees. “It’s a no-BS community,” he says. “We have an amazing group of stand-up people who will show you the way. I was in and out of the rooms in LA for years, and the dedication and care here in Phoenix are unmatched.”

3. ‘We Absolutely Insist on Enjoying Life’

But we aren’t a glum lot. If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn’t want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life. Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 132

If there’s one thing Phoenix has locked in, it’s fun in sobriety. In fact, the local fellowships host so many events, it’s not uncommon for there to be several recovery-based things to do over the course of any given weekend.

Lee M. loves the Phoenix recovery scene so much, he regularly drives 10 hours round trip from his home in Las Vegas to participate in the fun.

“Back in 2018, I stopped in Phoenix on my way home from Florida,” he says, “and my brother took me to a CMA meeting. They announced an upcoming convention, and I was intrigued, so I came back a few weeks later for an amazing 3-day event. Now I’ve been to several events there, and I always try to bring friends with me. Phoenix has inspired us to put on similar events in Vegas.”

There is zero reason to be bored in recovery in Phoenix.

4. A Robust Sober Living Community

People come from all over the country not only for inpatient treatment in Phoenix but to enter sober living facilities, too.

Adrienne M has been managing a sober living facility in Phoenix for four years. “I’ve checked in people from all over the U.S.,” she says, “even from Alaska. People come here for a safe and structured place to gain some independence and remain accountable. Other parts of the country simply don’t have what we can offer.”

Get Addiction Treatment in Phoenix

If you or someone you love is suffering from a substance use disorder, please reach out. Many treatment centers offer individualized treatment in Phoenix, AZ . Treatment centers have passionate therapists in a positive healing environment. Let us show you how to lead a beautiful, sober life.

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Megan Krause is a recovered addict and freelance writer living an amazing, sober life with her two teens in Phoenix, Arizona. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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