4 Steps to Discovering How Much Your Insurance covers

4 Steps to Discovering How Much Your Insurance covers

If you've decided to enter a treatment center, you need to understand what type of addiction coverage your insurance provides. Learn how to find out.
woman getting help and support

Have an Addicted Loved One? Here’s How to Seek Help [For You]

Often, addiction is looked upon as a personal disease: it only affects the person taking the drugs and consuming the alcohol. Families strive to find their loved ones help through different avenues such as rehab or special meetings like Alcoholics…

Suicide Rate and Substance Abuse

Suicide is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of those who love someone with a substance abuse disorder. But how are the two linked?
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Does Relapse Have to be a Part of Your Journey in Recovery?

Everybody fears something, whether it’s the monster under the bed, thunderstorms, or getting fired from a job. If you’re in recovery, you probably fear relapse. It’s a logical fear.