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Mesa Arizona Addiction Treatment Lengths of Stay

30-Day Treatment


30-day treatment programs are ideal for people with mild addictions. A 30-day programs are best for those who cannot commit to long-term treatment.

60-Day Treatment


60-day treatment plans are excellent for people with addictions at a moderate level. This is an excellent program length for people who can’t commit to extended periods of time in treatment.

90-Day Treatment


Those with moderate to severe addictions should definitely seek out a 90-day program, while those with mild to moderate addictions can reach successful outcomes from shorter treatment programs.

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City of Mesa Addiction Facts

The city of Mesa has never been immune to the problems of drug and alcohol addiction. When it comes down to it, the statistics are unequivocal. Mesa, Arizona, has been deeply affected by the drug epidemic sweeping across the country. This is mostly because Arizona itself has been swept up in the problem.

For example, in the early 2010s, Arizona was in the top ten states for drug use in several categories. Those categories include the usage of marijuana within the past month by teenagers aged between 12 and 17. Also, Arizona ranked in the top ten for non-medical use of pain relievers for people over 12. All of this helps explain why, in 2010, our state’s rate of overdose and drug-related death was significantly higher than the national average. Around 10% of residents within the state reported using illegal drugs within the past month.

When you consider these numbers, it’s easy to see why Arizona had 1,141 people died drug-related deaths in 2010. And the problem hasn’t let up in the years since. After introducing fentanyl into many street drugs, the rate of overdose has only increased across the country. This is because drug dealers cut their drugs with drugs like fentanyl to make them stronger.

All of these issues affect the city too. Mesa is not an island unto itself, and drug use has become a problem in neighboring Phoenix and Tempe. But there is hope. Many people have begun to understand how serious the problem has become. That’s why it’s easier than ever to find help for addiction and substance abuse. All you need to do is take the first step.

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Mesa Addiction Treatment Centers Specialize in the Treatment of These Substances

Mesa Treatment Centers Provide:

Determining what form of treatment is best depends on your specific struggle with addiction. You can speak with an admissions specialist today to determine your needs.

Mesa Addiction Treatment Centers Offer:

  • 30 Day Rehab Programs
  • 60 Day Rehab Programs
  • 90 Day Rehab Programs
  • Medical Detox
  • Inpatient Treatment Centers
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Evening Intensive Outpatient Programs

Benefits of Getting Treatment in Mesa AZ

There are benefits to staying in town for treatment as well. Many of these benefits depend on what you need to get out of your treatment, so it is essential to consider all of the circumstances that led to your addiction.

For example, if your addiction stems from specific family difficulties, it might be best to stay close to home. The reason for this is because many centers offer family therapy sessions. This includes both relationship counseling and group therapy. Some clinics even allow family and friends to visit on certain days. Visits from your loved ones can be incredibly encouraging during your recovery.

Another benefit is having more time for outpatient treatment. If you decide to go to an outpatient facility, staying local is a great choice. You will not have to spend as much time traveling to treatment, and you will even be more likely to attend. Patients who go to an outpatient clinic in their town are more likely to complete treatment. In this case, attending addiction therapy in Mesa might be a good idea if you aren’t worried about privacy or other issues.

Finally, no matter what clinic you choose to attend, patients are more likely to participate in aftercare if they attend treatment locally. Aftercare is counseling and maintenance sessions that happen after treatment is completed. It can be beneficial for addicts. So this is another reason to seek therapy in town instead of traveling.

Whatever you decide to do, always choose treatment. Don’t worry about whether you should stay local or travel too much. The most important thing is to seek help as soon as you possibly can. Addiction won’t wait.

Benefits of Traveling Outside Mesa for Treatment

Although there are many substance abuse treatment centers in town, you might want to go out of town to get help. This is the case because sometimes it’s better to go out of town for treatment. Why? Well, there are several good reasons.

First, you might want a fresh start. Going somewhere completely new can help you get put space between you and your current environment. If you suffer from substance use disorder, then certain “triggers” can initiate cravings. These cravings might make you relapse. For example, if you live near a place where you used to use, merely driving by could trigger you. It’s often best to get away from these triggers in early recovery.

Another reason for leaving town is to get away from the environment that led you down the path of addiction. If you are a victim of abuse or live in a hostile environment, getting away from those difficulties decreases the likelihood of abusing drugs. Plus, you get the added benefit of being away from those problems, which can help you figure out a plan to start again somewhere else. Many facilities even offer other forms of therapy and support for people facing difficulties beyond substance abuse.

Furthermore, if you end up choosing to go to inpatient rehab, an out-of-town clinic makes it harder for you to leave. Where would you go? Being far away from home helps encourage you to stick to the program. This is always a great thing.

Finally, leaving town is a great idea for anyone who wants to protect their privacy. Going to rehab in the city means you might see someone you know. Or they might see you. If you want to keep your addiction secret, this is a safe bet.


Important Information Regarding Addiction

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Now you have the facts. By reading about addiction recovery the resources available to you in Mesa, you can make an informed decision about what kind of treatment you should seek.  If you worry about paying for therapy, know there are many options available to you. If you already have insurance, you find can call us to be connected with one of our recovery partners that accept your specific insurance. Check under the behavioral or mental health section. If you do not have insurance, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to pay for treatment. For example, Medicare and Medicaid will pay for treatment if you can prove it is both reasonable and necessary. In addition, most facilities offer sliding pay scales and financial assistance to people who need it.

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