Losing Control with Meth [What You Need to Know]

Methamphetamine is one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs that exist. However, many begin using the drug with the thought that they will control their use. Once reality starts to set in that control has been lost, it can be extremely scary. If that’s you, you’re not alone. Meth addiction has taken hold of many people in the United States and around the world. It has and continues to destroy lives. The truth is that if you’ve using meth, you’re already in danger.

We’ve made this guide on what you need to know. Recognizing that your meth addiction is out of control is the first but often difficult step to taking action. If you’re using meth, you need help, and you need help fast.

The purpose of this article is to help better understand what losing control to meth looks like, the consequences of continuous use, the growing trend of users and deaths related to meth, and what sort of treatment may be best. If you’d like a free and confidential consultation with an admissions specialist right now, call  (888) 906-0952.

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Am I Losing Control?

Some would argue that using meth in the first place is a sign of a loss of control, and this is a valid argument. However, similar to basically any other addiction, there are some clear signs that control has been lost. Keep in mind, though, that meth is quite different from other drugs. It’s extremely addictive and harder to stop using than most. If an individual cannot achieve a significant period of abstinence, this will be the first red flag.  Having the inability to stop comes with prolonged times spent awake, negative physical side effects, compulsions, and more.

One of the indicators is finding yourself using the substance more than you planned. This could mean taking higher doses of the meth than you usually take. This leads to the other indicator, using in more frequent intervals throughout the day. Any plan you make to curb your usage seems never to succeed. Not being able to control usage in this way can leave you feeling defeated and afraid.

Another indicator is using more than you normally do because of a quickly building tolerance. Even if you don’t think you’re using too much more, you may be underestimating the amount you use. Especially since meth comes in different-sized crystals or “shards.” Unless you’re weighing the exact amount you’re using every single time, you may not have any idea that you’re using more meth than you think.

Losing control is the inability to separate yourself from methamphetamine. Slowly your life begins to revolve around meth use completely—your perspective on life and your behavior change.

Taking meth will be the only thing you feel is worth doing in your life and the only thing that gives you happiness or pleasure. Those with meth dependence seem to have their life deteriorate faster than with some other drugs (not to minimize the damage done by different drugs).

You’re not Alone: Meth Use is on The Rise

If you’re using meth, you’re not alone. If someone you love is using meth, they are a part of a large and growing number of people who are using it. Meth has been a growing epidemic in the United States. Unfortunately, meth addiction can target all age demographics. In 2017 alone, data collected reports that 964,000 people aged 12 or older had a disorder with meth. Even more concerning, just the year prior, data collected showed that 684,000 people had a disorder with meth.

With a growing number of users, that also means an increasing number of consequences related to meth. Meth users put their lives at risk when taking the drug as it is easy to overdose. Psychostimulants were responsible for a little over ten thousand deaths in 2017. Fifteen percent of those deaths involved meth, and fifty percent of those deaths involved the use of opioids. Also, it is worth noting that psycho-stimulant overdoses in 2007 only reach around 1,378.

Why are more people starting to abuse meth? 

There are a few reasons why meth use is on the rise. Mainly, the increase in meth use is correlated with accessibility. It is now becoming easier to find meth than it was in years prior. Meth is also cheaper than other stimulant drugs like cocaine.

Most importantly, meth is rising in popularity is the overall high a person gets from meth. Users, while high, experience euphoria due to an increase in their dopamine levels. Meth’s effects can be described as opening the floodgates in your brain to release the feel-good chemicals. However, what must go up must come down, and it’s important to know that the highs also come with the deep lows.

How is Meth Addiction Treated?

The good news about meth addiction is that you can receive treatment and recover. The methods that are used in a recovery center are what are known as behavioral therapies. Reputable rehab centers can make a huge impact in the lives of meth users by utilizing evidence-based treatments.

Behavioral therapies include cognitive behavior treatment and contingency management interventions. These methods allow meth users to recognize what their addiction is doing to them and those around them. They will also learn ways in which they can avoid and cope in situations that trigger meth use.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers for meth use also provide:

There are quite a few evidence-based treatments for methamphetamine addiction. However, it can’t be emphasized enough that human connection and a positive therapeutic environment can strongly impact chances of recovery.

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Is there hope for meth users to recover?

Researchers are still learning about meth addiction and recovery. So far, there is no government-approved medication for methamphetamine addiction treatment, but researchers are possibly developing ways to aid in the recovery process.

Medical and addiction experts are doing their best to make sure that they can greatly reduce the number of meth users this country has. To reduce the number of users, experts believe that education has to be accessible to these communities dealing with meth addiction. Active users need to know that people need to know that there is hope for them. There is life after meth use. Recovery is attainable no matter how old you are, where you’re from, or your history.

How to Get Help for Meth Use

If you are sitting here reading this blog and realize that your life is spiraling out of control due to meth use, you must take action. Coming to the realization and you need help and stepping out of denial is a courageous thing. It does not make you weak, nor does it make you a bad person. If you are unsure of the next step, here is a great way to seek help for your meth addiction. Our helpline is (888) 906-0952. When you call, you’ll be connected with an admissions specialist that can help you with any questions you may have about going to rehab for meth. We have worked with men and women all over the United States who came to us to find resources to stop using.





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