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Key Things to Remember After Treatment

Just a Friendly Reminder: Key Concepts for Success After You Graduate Treatment

For many people, making the decision to get and stay clean and sober is the most important decision they will ever make. After all, if an individual returns to active using for an extended period, most likely he or she will lose all positive progress made in recovery and life.

There are many important things to consider and keep in mind after you have completed treatment. First and foremost, perhaps, is to remember that recovery is a process that requires constant upkeep. It is not like a course you pass and then return to something else.

You must maintain your sobriety and your spiritual condition, or you may very well return to the hell of using.

ABT Want to See You Succeed: Key Things to Remember to Maintaining Long-lasting Sobriety

Next, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Recovery is about changing your mindset and lifestyle, which often also includes friends who use, old habits and behaviors. Continuing to hang around people who still use is one of the biggest and most common mistakes made by those in early recovery.

No one has ever stayed clean and sober while hanging around those who still use.

Another key to remember is to get connected. Stay in the middle of the recovery pack and make an effort to get to know those also in recovery. When you need a friend, these are the people to reach out to.

Finally, don’t look back and just keep moving forward. Learn from the past, however do not dwell or live there. The past is gone. The future now holds the potential to be brighter than ever before.

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