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Independent Living Program: From Active Addiction to Recovery

The willingness to go to treatment for addiction while in active addiction is very challenging. It is nerve-wracking and confusing for those who have been using drugs or alcohol for years on end. Drug addiction and alcoholism often rob people of their social skills, financial stability, and a positive life direction.

Active addiction also leaves many people with broken relationships and a criminal record that makes it hard to get back on their feet and ready to be a productive member of society. After getting out of rehab many people don’t know how to live in recovery, where they will live, and how they pay for the debt they have accrued in active addiction. This life change can be overwhelming for a lot of people who have been affected by addiction for years.

Coming out of substance abuse treatment to all of the stressors in life can cause a person to become focused on all the past mistakes, perceived failures, and feelings of guilt, which may end up in relapse. The first year in recovery can be difficult without guidance and ABTRS wants to change all of that.

Our network of independent living programs helps recovering addicts by offering support, resources, and a place to call home. When you complete a treatment program you are family and the family continues to care long after treatment.

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Sober Community: Quick Overview About Independent Living Programs

Living Arrangement: Experience fully furnished apartments that can include food, transportation, and moving forward resources with promissory note opportunity
Transportation: Often times there is transportation provided by staff or bus pass arrangements for medical, meetings, job searching, and MAT medication routine
Developing Life Skills: Man treatment centers will offer classes on life skills. Such as cooking classes, academic resources, career exploration, and social activities.
Sober Social Event Calendar: Experience social gatherings with your peers like pizza Karaoke, learn to cook, Youfit Gym Pass, and Alumni events
Recreation, Games, & Entertainment: Centers will often have entertainment for their patients which can include ping-pong tables, billiard tables, barbecue patios, TVs in every apartment, theater-style movie lounge, and outdoor fireplaces.
Career & Education Resources: Gather career and education resources with aptitude tests and trade programs, resume workshops, and GED training & testing.

Struggling in Recovery: The First Year in Sobriety

During the first year of a person’s new life in recovery, they are more vulnerable to influences that lead back to their active addiction. Going back into an environment that can trigger them to relapse can be terrifying. Stress from peers to drink or use drugs can wear down anyone’s drive and ambition to leave the past in the past. The isolation that comes with active addiction is easy to fall back into and the ambition to start anew can easily be stiffed if broken friend and family relationships are bitter and resentful toward your efforts.

In the 1st year of sobriety, it is very important that you are able to surround yourself with a supportive community who understands you and what you are going through. A community free of judgement with the patience and knowledge to hold you up when you are feeling down.

The journey of addiction to recovery is tough and scary but when you have support and compassion in the first year of recovery, the ups and downs of your new life won’t be as overwhelming. Being around people who have walked in your footsteps and can show you just how fulfilling life can be in recovery can give your life purpose, encourage you to dream and set future goals that meet your expectations of success.

ABTRS’ network has developed a community who cares about your personal progress with the support needed to become a productive member in the community.

There is no room for judgment in recovery, just progress.

Your actions tell us who you are and the dedication you have to maintaining your sobriety, that is your application process.

Residency in Independent Living: A Place to Call Home

When a person goes back to the environment that fostered their active addiction lifestyle, they must cope with every trigger that makes them want to get high. Every gas station, every place they hid their drugs, every sound, and the smell of their environment can become a challenge. Being around the same people and places that were part of life in active addiction only increases the risk of relapse after getting sober.

Independent Living Programs offer an apartment that is fully furnished and stocked with food and toiletries. Televisions, kitchen, backyard, running water, and electricity can all be included.

The best part about the Independent Living Program is it is based on your progress to move forward with your life in sobriety. Your criminal record will not be a deciding factor, your credit score, nor your employment status will not affect your eligibility. Starting anew means starting anew; bottom-line. If you can not pay the cost right away, a promissory note of progress could be available. 

Our network believes in your new direction in life and that means you should too. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone anymore. If you let us help you, find the passion to achieve your goals in recovery, and push yourself to find the potential you lost in active addiction; we will give you the resource tools you need and the network will guide you every step of the way.

Financial Stability: Career and Job Resources Included in the Independent Living Program

As part of the new independent living program, there can be help with job placement, resume workshops, aptitude tests, and college courses for those who are considering giving college one more try. Even if you got sucked into your addiction before you completed high school, our networks staff is willing to provide training and prep tests to get your GED. When it comes to getting you back on your feet and stable, leave it to these professionals to be in your corner cheering you on.

The addiction treatment centers in our network are coming together to combat the Opioid Epidemic in our community. Experience trade programs and job placement opportunities from companies that will invest in you to learn their trade and work for them. From aptitude tests to college courses, it is time to rediscover your interests, find a career that you love, and embrace the potential life in recovery truly offers.

College is not for everyone and our network understands that. You can have access to resume templates, Linkedin tutorials, and job hunting resources that can help you become financially secure. If you have the ambition, this network of treatment facilities has the opportunity.

Our network of treatment centers want to be there for you every step of your journey until you feel confident in your recovery

Independent Living Clubhouse

The ultimate goal is to help all patients maintain their sobriety, learn the tools needed to prevent relapse, and provide them with the support they need to succeed.

A Community that Recovers Together, Succeeds Together: Relationships & Social Life At the Independent Living Community

Living in active addiction can cause many people to become socially isolated and act in ways that are out of character. This is why relationships and being social in recovery is so important to a person’s ability to maintain his or her new lifestyle.

Part of the independent living program is about building a sober community that will help anyone with the desire to live in sobriety. When people do drugs for recreational purposes, sometimes they forget how to have fun without being high. Just because you get sober doesn’t mean your life is boring and lifeless. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite.

There is a world of fun out there and it just takes the willingness to explore it. At an Independent Living Community, there is so much to do with an amazing sober social event calendar.

Chilling around a community clubhouse isn’t the only thing to do. Go see movies, hit the gym to get your fitness on, community service, church, meetings, fellowship conventions & retreats, and more. When you get the support you need, the fun just comes naturally.

Many people forget how to trust, be social, and be accepted for who they are. These little things make life in sobriety fun and worth living for. Our network of addiction treatment centers understands just how important the little things can be.

Moving Forward in Independent Living: A Place to Call Home Until You Make Your Own

Making the transition from treatment to the real world can be overwhelming. An independent living program offers a chance for a new and fresh start at life. Living independently, while having support, and being around people in recovery only helps to lay the groundwork for a good and happy life.

After embarking on the path of recovery there are many ups and downs and life still goes on. You don’t have to survive the storm alone when there is a whole community of people ready to throw you a life jacket. Life is not going to be pretty all the time but that is what we are here for and when you are ready to leave the nest, we are ready to encourage you to fly. Having confidence in your recovery is what Independent Living is all about. Whether you stay for two weeks or your whole first year, our network will be there for you.

Remember, your application for the Independent Living Program is about your progress, not your history. If you have the desire to live a life of sobriety there is a place for you to call home. Your future with a judgment-free community is waiting to welcome you. Apply today or tour the Independent Living Community to see where your future in recovery may take you.

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Maintaining your sobriety is our top priority because your future in recovery is worth it.

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