In-Network BCBS Provider Services for Addiction

In-Network BCBS Provider Services for Addiction

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Coverage for Addiction Treatment

In society today, drug addiction numbers are rising at an alarming rate. Fortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield has prepared to offer healthcare help to fight the disease of addiction. 

Addiction treatment coverage comes in several forms ranging from hospitalization, detox, and rehabilitation. While treatment can be costly, BCBS is prepared to assist in covering some of the costs.

Plans and programs will vary from state to state, so asking a local representative would be the best way of knowing what is offered in a particular location. With that being said, BCBS does specifically cover some costs involved with acute inpatient and partial hospitalizations. 

Outpatient and residential treatments are also included in a person’s coverage. Addiction treatments including detox and counseling are also covered by plans offered at BCBS.

In-Network BCBS Provider Services

BCBS has a unique mobile platform called OneHealth that gives customers 24/7 access to tools, education, and support in their recovery journey. Along with OneHealth, there are four plans to choose from. 

These are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze plans come with the lowest monthly payment but the highest deductibles whereas platinum has higher monthly payments but the lowest deductibles.

Blue Cross Blue Shield also helps federal employees with addiction treatment through their Federal Employee Program. This plan offers federal employees coverage for care outside of the core plan like counseling and therapy. No referrals are needed and federal employees are covered even when overseas.

With in-network BCBS provider services, recovery is affordable but a person will need to be pre-certified to receive facility services or inpatient hospitalization. As stated before, each plan will vary from state to state.

 Talk with a BCBS representative to learn more. One can also use sites like this page to learn more about substance use disorder treatment help using health insurance coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In-Network vs. Out of Network

Insurance plans can be hard to muddle through. Certain lingo is used in the insurance world that some people just don’t understand. Two of those include in-network and out of network.

 Breaking these terms down will help anyone choose a plan right for them. The Blue Cross Blue Shield website has done this nicely for all readers. According to their definition, in-network means the following.


  • Refers to providers or health care facilities that are part of a health plan’s network.
  • Insurance companies have negotiated a discount with their network of providers.
  • Insured individuals usually pay less when using an in-network provider.
  • Some insurance companies will only allow customers to use in-network providers.

Out of Network

  • Refers to physicians or hospitals that have not signed a contract with a particular insurance company.
  • There are no negotiated discounts between the insurance company and the healthcare provider.
  • Some insurance companies will partially cover expenses from out of network providers.
  • Customers may experience an out-of-pocket limit before coverage takes place.

The in-network BCBS provider services involve a contract between the insurance company and the care providers. The contract states that any health care provided will be billed at the set price. Without this signed contract, they are out of network.

ABTRS In-Network Insurance

At A Better Today Recovery Services, we are proud to say that we now offer in-network BCBS provider services. Taking this step allows every family affected by drug addiction to receive treatment without the stress of how they will afford it.

ABTRS keeps families informed of all changes that happen within the insurance world and the government. Staying familiar with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, also known as the MHPAEA, is a top priority.

 This act was put into law in 2008 and recognizes that addiction treatment is just as vital as any medical treatment or surgery. The act states health care groups have to include coverage for addiction treatments.

Highlights of the MHPAEA:

  • Detoxification is categorized as a medical treatment.
  • Residential treatment is considered a medical treatment.
  • Intensive outpatient care is categorized as medical.
  • Continuing medical treatments like partial hospitalizations are covered.
  • Medicaid is now included as an insurance provider that must cover costs including addiction treatment.

To learn more about the MHPAEA act, visit

Now that ABTRS offers in-network BCBS provider services, we can provide addiction treatment to those who in the past could not afford it. They can focus on restoring lives and healing families. 

To find out what insurance provider will cover the cost, ABTRS has included an online form one can fill out to receive more information. Treating addiction is their passion. They are there to help patients and families navigate the insurance road and offer financing options for those who want treatment.

 Most insurances are accepted at A Better Today Recovery Services, however, we’re now officially an in-network provider. Blue Cross and Blue Shield customers now have even more options available for overcoming substance misuse and dependency.

Co-Insurance vs. Copay

Here we are again with insurance lingo that can be confusing. It is vital to understand how your healthcare coverage works before needing it. Emergencies happen. Unexpected expenses will arise in life, so, do the math now.

Defining the terms coinsurance and copay is the first step one needs to make. Coinsurance is a percentage of a medical charge you pay. This is expressed by insurance companies to consumers in 60/40 or 80/20. 

Coinsurance percentages will vary depending upon the plan a person is paying for. An example and definition of co-insurance can be found on the site glossary.

Everyone has heard of a copay, but what exactly is it? A copay is a pre-determined rate a person will pay for healthcare services at the time of service. When a person visits the doctor’s office they will have to pay a certain amount before they can receive care. 

One’s copay amount does not go toward their annual deductible. The amount paid will go toward one’s out-of-pocket expense. Again, a copay is pre-determined from a person’s specific policy, company, and state.

Some insurance plans have both coinsurance and copays while others don’t. It’s important to know what your plan offers!

Substance Dependence Rehab Services Available

A Better Today Recovery Services offers treatment plans for every person struggling with addiction. Substance abuse treatments offered by ABTRS include detoxification, residential treatment care, a partial hospitalization plan, and intensive outpatient care. All treatment plans are developed by a team of specialists who are ready to serve individuals and families dealing with addiction.

Detoxification includes medical care and approved drugs to help a person detox in a safe environment. Detoxification can be dangerous and should not be done by oneself. Always have medical attention when going through detoxification.

Residential treatment care includes medical care as well as room and board. Individual therapy, group, and family therapy are offered and may be covered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Partial hospitalization plans are offered for patients who need medical care through detoxification and therapy afterward. Intensive outpatient care is also available.

Treatment Options with BCBS

To develop the best treatment plan, A Better Today Recovery Services has addiction specialists that will guide families during what is usually a turbulent time. 

Becoming in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield has opened the door for more people to receive the help they deserve. Substance abuse treatment programs are better available due to the in-network BCBS provider services status of A Better Today Recovery Services.

If a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t let the worry about cost keep them from getting care. They deserve the right to get well and live a life full of happiness. Families have the right to heal and become closer.

 Blue Cross Blue Shield and A Better Today Recovery Services are partnered up. They are prepared to help individuals and their families become happy and sober.

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