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Hydromorphone, or Dilaudid, is one of the most potent opioids on the market. Typically used to treat severe pain, this narcotic is known for its high potential for abuse and addiction. Addiction to opioids such as hydromorphone has devastated and claimed the lives of many Americans in recent years. If you are fighting an addiction to opioids, A Better Today Recovery Services can help you regain your life and freedom. We are here to connect you with the treatment you need.

Opioid addiction is one of the greatest threats to individual health in the United States today. The numbers are staggering, with no sign of relenting. Drug overdose ranks number one for causes of accidental death with over 52,000 deadly overdoses in 2015 alone.

What often begins with a legitimate pain problem and narcotic medication prescription turns into addiction with all-consuming cravings. The drug essentially takes over, creating intense withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly. People from all walks of life find themselves quickly turned into slaves to the drug.

With increasingly more of the drug needed to stave off withdrawals or feel euphoric, people who become addicted often run out of their prescription. Needing more, the individual often finds other doctors to prescribe the medication for the same ailment or turn to street drugs such as heroin.

Treatment is the only way to stop the cycle of using and needing more. Effective addiction treatment centers specialize in healing individuals and families with addiction issues. No matter how bad the situation has gotten, there is always hope.

People with opioid addictions, such as to hydromorphone, go into treatment broken and leave newly revitalized. We can help you find treatment and healing techniques that will help you learn to thrive and enjoy a life free from addiction.

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What is Hydromorphone?

Hydromorphone is a potent opioid analgesic and a schedule II drug. Brand name Dilaudid and Exalgo, hydromorphone is treats severe pain. Given this drug’s high potential for abuse and addiction, use should be limited to a matter of weeks as long-term treatment with opioids is ineffective and tends to create its own set of problems.

Methods of delivery for hydromorphone include pill and injection. Significantly more potent than hydrocodone, hydromorphone is made from and stronger than morphine. Due to the danger associated with high doses of this opioid, overdoses can easily occur.

Hydromorphone is marketed as a pain reliever; however, people often find its tendency to numb emotional and psychological pain appealing. Many people who become dependent on the drug seek a supply from illegal sources. Street names for hydromorphone include smack, footballs, juice and dust, though many other names for it exist.

Connecting You With Quality Treatment for Hydromorphone Addictions

Opioid addiction causes more deaths and suffering from each passing year. Although this epidemic has been recognized as a national health crisis by health experts, the epidemic shows only minimal signs of slowing down. With so many cases experienced, one thing seems clear: treatment is absolutely necessary to effectively overcome this devastating addiction.

Detox, the first stage of treatment, prevents the individual from experiencing such extreme pain and discomfort that he or she feels no other option but to turn to opioids. This stage delivers critical support and care during the most turbulent and frightening part of recovery.

Inpatient treatment is needed for the individual to fully understand the disease of addiction and how numerous factors affect one’s using. There is more to addiction than just using too much. Often there are underlying issues that need to be addressed in order for the individual to maintain sobriety for any significant amount of time.

Aftercare programs help solidify the lessons learned in treatment while also providing much-needed support while the person navigates the real world newly sober. Sober living facilities provide a safe place to live whilst also finding one’s footing in sobriety. Fellow housemates lend a helping hand as well to each other, making sober living hugely beneficial to participants.

Whatever the type of treatment program you choose, individualized treatment plans and competence in handling co-occurring disorders is a must. Treatment programs should be tailor fitted to each client’s individual needs. Co-occurring disorders must be targeted with treatment simultaneously in order for the individual to recover.

Few things cause such spectacular change as addiction treatment programs, whether it be a 12-step program or inpatient treatment. No matter your needs and limitations, a program exists that fits you. Reach out today. We are ready to help you find the treatment you need. No one needs to go through this alone.

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Drug & Alcohol Interventions for Hydromorphone

Addiction to opioids such as hydromorphone is devastating to everyone involved. Few diseases cause the amount of pain and suffering that the disease of addiction creates. Watching loved ones destroy their body, spirit and relationships can be unbearable.

Addiction is a family disease and as such can create extraordinarily difficult and complex situations. The solution, however, is simple. The addicted person must stop using and other family members must educate themselves and take steps to ensure their behavior only helps heal the situation.

Often, people addicted to opioids such as hydromorphone experience a profound amount of denial. An intervention is the best way to support your loved one while simultaneously making clear that enough is enough.

At A Better Today Recovery Services, we understand what it feels like to be in your position. The best way to stop the suffering of your family is to stage an intervention. There are numerous types of interventions and specifics to tailor to your particular needs. Contact an intervention specialist to plan and execute an intervention and stop the vicious cycle today.

Deaths related to painkillers have risen by over 180% over the last ten years.

30% of emergency room admissions from prescription abuse involve opiate-based medication.

Common Behaviors Associated With Hydromorphone Addiction

People who use opioids do so in many routine and common places. For instance, it would not be a surprise if someone were to abuse opioids while at work or school. As the addiction progresses and stronger variations of the drug are used, some of the side effects may make use of opioids in public places problematic.

Issues that an opioid user often faces is a consistent lack of funds. When the addiction turns into an illegal drug habit, the cost of continuing to feed the addiction is astronomical. People run through savings, inheritance, borrow money from friends and family members and eventually some begin stealing to fund their opioid addiction.

Failure to fulfill responsibilities and promises is another warning sign. Active addiction puts such intense demands on time, energy and resources that those who are active users have trouble being there for others. Children might go neglected, spouses, significant others, school and work all suffer as a result of addiction.

Signs & Symptoms

People under the influence of opioids such as Hydromorphone often display a variety of symptoms that give away their using. Sleepiness, or nodding off, is a common sign of opioid use. The drug causes such extreme sleepiness upon having an effect that opioid users are often found in slumped over positions.

Signs of progressed opioid addiction includes such problems as track marks, fatigue, and emotional instability. Anxiety, restlessness, and depression mixed with times of great happiness or muted consciousness might suggest a problem with mood or mind-altering substances. Additionally, problems with digestion, nausea, and dizziness are signs of opioid use.


Withdrawal from potent opioids narcotics such as Hydromorphone is often debilitating. Considered one of the most unpleasant drugs to withdrawal from suddenly, Hydromorphone can create such severe symptoms that people will seek relief at almost any cost.

Physical symptoms typically include sweating, pain in muscles, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, abdominal pain, tremor, increased heart rate, and insomnia. Symptoms can also include anxiety, depression, and general discontent.

Treatment is commonly necessary for those going through opioid withdrawal. The pain is often too much and results in a relapse. Additionally, the strain on the individual can prove dangerous and torturous.


Opioid overdose is one of the great contributors of accidental death in the United States. Potent opioids like Hydromorphone are easily misused and just a little too much can prove deadly.

Overdose symptoms include confusion, loss of consciousness, shallow breathing and decreased alertness. Other symptoms might include blue skin, small pupils, respiratory failure and unresponsiveness even when prompted. Symptoms vary between individuals and can be unclear. If you think someone has potentially overdosed, contact emergency services immediately.

Due decreased alertness and confusion, which, to a lesser degree is a normal side effect of this medication, people often forget that they have taken a dose and take another. Such mistakes cost thousands of lives every year.

Medical Detox

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Residential Treatment

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Explore Your Treatment Options with These Trusted Sources

Finding reliable information when seeking drug and alcohol treatment can be difficult. Not many people feel comfortable going to a doctor to discuss a Hydromorphone addiction without feeling shame or blame for their struggles. That is why it is important for ABTRS to provide information that you can count on, free from shame, and worth your trust.

We want to empower you with the knowledge to make good decisions that will better your life. We take pride in offering reputable sources that are impartial, not funded by organizations that could benefit from certain outcomes, and proven or tested to be effective. Know that the sources below are there to help you by educating you about rehab and all things treatment related.

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